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ARMAHOLIC website not working

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15 minutes ago, darkxess said:

You knew exactly what I meant, he wanted someone to carry on his work, not just give to someone without the dedication to carry it on and give up after a few months or see how such of a task/cost it was then passing it once more to another person

Yes, deleted are better 🙄

17 minutes ago, SzepyCZ said:
  15 minutes ago, darkxess said:

THIS PEOPLE ^^ is exactly why you did not get your files! Thank people like @SzepyCZ 

No. The files were lost because you decided to delete them. Not even Foxhound, the one who had to choose someone appropriate to maintain his legacy. You. There were 150k registered users. How many were disrespectful? 100? You should assume two things. One that all this was for money, there is no need to be ashamed. And the other, that the decision to delete the files was yours, putting yourself in the role of executioner of the knowledge and work of thousands of people.

5 minutes ago, fingolfin said:

But anyhow, since the files are gone there is no use debating this any further... Kind of sad, that this turn of events will leave everyone disappointed.

  Sadly you´re rigth.

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At this point, this thread has discontinued its original purpose and devolved from constructive discourse. As such I will be locking this thread for the time being. 


We've reviewed the thread and have/will deal with any rule violating posts, but the accusations of hacking and such will not be entertained here. It's a matter to be settled among the individual parties. While it's sad to see such a longstanding community site disappear, it does no good to have a heated debate about it here. If you wish to speak further on the matter feel free to DM me on the forums or email me here.

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