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My Wish List/ Suggestions

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Wish list
Hi this is just an ideas post for the devs of vigor and the community if half of these suggestions make it into the game it would make me a very happy outlander


Game play changes

Rework of bags. I think we should see a change to bags = differnt bag sizes give you more/ less inventory space. Also the larger/fuller the bag the more sound you generate


New environmental sounds to denote campers maybe a wolf howl, this would be an emersive anti camp feature 


A new POI being a military cache which you have to escort an air dropped bomb, across map to open the loot inside which could be an air drop of higher grade. 


Changes to the store so that you can buy all items, when you want. This should include blueprints so that new players could purchase the armor plates etc. 


The ability to choose loadout from the stash wall. This is purely an immersion point for me  I think it wouod look cool to grab your items from the bunker directly 


Finally I would like to have an abilty to share loot in encounter. Many people have asked for this already and i think its a testament to how the community feels about this feature. 


Weapon changes and balence.

This section isnt gonna be popular but here we go. 


Firstly i think we need Idle sway removed from reflex sights and a reduction in scope sway. There is no reason for the p90 to have as much sway as an svd. 


One shot crossbows 


Remove the need to come out of ads to rack shotguns 


Change in ads for most light machine guns. I think that most LMGs are able to be fired ads with only a few exceptions


I think a damage change is warranted for the scharfschützengewehr and the new sniper rifle as the damage is far too low and it is totally outclassed in all aspects by any other semi auto sniper rifle or scoped assault rifle. 


While we are on assault rifles i believe a range decrease or accuracy nerf is needed for the HBAR, FAMAS and SG1 as these weapons out class all other wepons at long range including sniper rifles and are the dominant meta currently on xbox. 

I believe that a buff is needed, to ads speed, rate of fire and draw speed of all pistols in the game as most pistols except for the raffika are unusable in encounters. 

The introduction of smoke grenades i think is a must it would really help to vacate an area you are being sniped from, especially on fjell kanten. Also other grenades plz. 

Finally i would like to see the AK-47 and the M16 moved up to green rarity for a new game mode idea ill mention below. 


New game modes 

Ideas for new game modes 

Common ecounter.

This one speaks for itself, an ecounter where the entry requirements is an all common loadout. Just so i can give my vast quantities of mosins some love. 

Capture the air drop.

teams fight to capture the air drops

One vs One duel 

A Hunt mode.

This mode is to tie in the new hunter prey theme a hide and seek mode where an armed outlander hunts down a lobby on the sagbruk shootout map

Tooth and nail .

This is an Encounter with no rad storm in which all players must enter with no wepons or equipment and must find thier wepons and gear in game. The twist is that theres only one exit which will only open once there are two outlanders left standing. 

Ye olde mode.=Knives and crossbows only 


New map ideas 


oljerigg (oil rigg) : shootout mode on the oil rig you can see from shelter


tungt vann (heavy water) : during world war 2 the nazis had heavy water plants in occupied norway, the norwiegens staged daring raids on these plants to destroy thier attempts to develop an atom bomb we could fight in the ruins of these plants. 


Odegarden verk: a phosphate mine in norway. I think an underground map wpuld be really cool to see, some good cqc oppertunitys here, give shotguns a chance. 


husly (shelter) : an encounter version of our own shelter with an extended map 


Finally just new wepons id like to see added
FN FAL.            Mp40.          Wa2000
PSG1.               STG44.         PPK
SA80.                Ar10.            Fg42
DP-28.               Stoner 63.    Sten
M1 garrand.     Auto mag 44. BAR
L96A1.              G11.              Spectre


Thanks for reading this rant and if youre on xbox look out for TheBancyChancer im a good shot. 😉

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Hi there, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us 🙂

The ideas are really interesting, and honestly, some of them are being worked on already by our team 😉 Not gonna specify which ones so that the surprise isn't spoiled, but you're definitely thinking similarly to our team!
Thank you once more for this - the team will check out the other ideas and we will discuss it. Stay Vigorous, and see you in the Outlands! 🍅

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I support most of these ideally fully! I would argue weapon balancing is fine as is at present and that actually many pistols are still very much effective!  Love the map ideas and some of the game mode ideas I can see many of the weapon suggestions coming into play at some stage. I can’t see a shop for weapon plans being viable but one could hope frankly. Not many people still contributing here as of late so it’s nice o see some effort put in to feedback with the outlandish BI crew. 😁👍

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Some great ideas here. Well done for the effort and though gone into it. Hopefully see some of these ideas come into play 😁

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