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Straya is a fictional modern terrain based loosely on the Australian Outback setting.

Straya is a terrain inspired mainly by the Australian Outback regions, part of the inspiration also originally emerged from the Rainbow Six Siege "Outback" map. This map is by no means an exact representation of Australia, but I tried to replicate the vibes as closely as I could with what's available in the game and to the best of my efforts. I tried to keep an emphasis in both extremes of the spectrum, having very dense green forest areas, with very urban city areas, while also having some wilderness, deserts, and spacious towns. The outback was a theme that immediately captured me as it's a pretty unique sight, and to my knowledge, it has not been very explored in Arma terrains, so as I usually do, I wanted to make something unique and different. As always, it's another project I learned from to make and do better in the future. I hope you will enjoy!




Dense urban CQB city areas mixed in with spacious towns.
Vast outback deserts with a savannah-like setting.
Cities, towns, farms, military bases and factories among other landmarks (and easter eggs too!).
Custom billboards, signs, and cranes!
Miscellaneous areas going from forests, to outback, to a mixture of the two.

Support the creator
If you like my work, please consider donating! My computer is very budget / entry level (GFX: Radeon RX560, and it was very expensive here!) and electronics are very expensive where I live, I don't have all the means nor the money to afford better hardware, I would appreciate having a more powerful computer for making more complex terrains in the future, not to mention work in a plethora of other projects I'm passionate about, all the things I make are passion projects of mine that I work on during my free time. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helpful. If you like what I do, this would help me a lot.

10km size
2.5m cell size

APL-SA: https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike

The Majestic Seagull for making some awesome australian-themed road signs for the terrain!
Rachid Hinton for making and designing plus object placement of the town of Allison & the farm settlement south of it.
Bohemia Interactive for the Arma 2 Samples I retextured for the cranes and billboards.

Special thanks:
Jakerod, HorribleGoat, Ice, Adanteh, Arma 3's #terrain_makers Discord Channel, Bohemia Interactive

STEAM Workshop

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-Flattened terrain area: city of Austin and town of Ozzy.
-Minor clutter changes.

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