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[RNLMC] Korps Mariniers - Royal Dutch Marine Corps[EU/NL] [MILSIM]

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The Korps Mariniers (Dutch Marine Corps) is an International/Dutch Military Simulation unit dedicated to a high level of tactical simulation.

As a Unit we intentionally choose to base ourselves on a real life unit with a little bit of a twist so that we can use a structure that is based on the real world but merges officers and NCOs to reduce redundancy.

We are a newly launched unit that has been in development for eight months so that we could get our systems perfectly established for the type of experience we want to create.

Here are just some of the examples of what defines us:


Strong Foundations

Spending eight months developing a unit comes with some advantages - we have used our over three years of experiencing running MILSIM groups to design a group that will allow us to reach a great level of military simulation without suffering a unit collapse because of boredom and paperwork.

We are still in the starting phase but are strongly committed to growing into a +100 members unit


Rigourous Training

As a unit we have more than 35 training programs which includes a huge amount of written training content.

All of our training programs are written by people with real life experience but have been adapted to our specific ARMA environment. This is a step change to the regular “Modified Field Manual” approach of some units as it means we are only training useful and applicable information.

The Korps Mariniers is an environment where anyone can fulfill their ambitions of leadership at any level in confidence that they will receive the highest quality training necessary to perform their function in a correct and standardized way.

We don’t believe in making it up as we go along and are religious in our dedication to standards and interoperability.



We don’t believe in the weekly operation concept that many units use. It is brittle and does not work well for Milsim units.

Instead we use a 5 week deployment cycle in our unique deployment battlespace. Elements in the unit operate on independent deployment cycles with 1 week of training, 3 weeks of operations ( scheduled on a per element basis working around availability ) and 1 week of off time so that members are free to enjoy other games.


A Wide Variety of Elements

The Korps Mariniers is home to a wide variety of element types including infantry (Mainly Marine Cor based so: Amphibious & Light Infantry ), Aviation ( Fixed and Rotary Wing ), Logistics ( Air Traffic Control and Logistical Supply Teams ) and Leadership Elements.

Each Element has a custom training program and mission set but is equally useful in the battlespace. We do not have any element for the sake of having them and each is essential to our successful operation in the deployment environment. This is due to our “No Magic” policy meaning that we do not use teleports or arsenal’s in the deployment space. If a member dies or a unit runs low on supplies - a real team will need to make the supply run or reinsert that individual.


Friendly and Mature Community

We pride ourselves on having an open and welcoming community.

We only allow 16+ members to become uniformed members of our group but younger players can still join our public servers in order to learn and experience with us.

Unit dramas are a constant threat that can be extremely destabilizing to a unit; To prevent this we operate with a high level of transparency as well as defining our stance on all actions in our Discipline Guidelines. Our command staff do not descriminate and we are publicly commited to equal rules and punishments regardless of rank or position.

We release all of our materials and tools publicly so that we are held accountable by our community. We are driven to be the best not because of proprietary tools but because of our community.


You can learn more about our group and the roles available by visiting our website at:




or joining us on teamspeak at:




We require that applicants are:

·         16 or Over

·         Have access to a Microphone and Teamspeak

·         Maturity and a wish to learn


As we are just launching this is a great opportunity to grow with the unit and become part of our founding group!



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Training Information Update

Training Days & Time

Since the second week of June, we have scheduled an standard training day for new members to complete there EMV Marn.
The EMV Marn is the basic training that a marine has to complete to become Marine 2nd Class.

Every Thursday at 1745 Zulu, there will be a training, and instructors will be online to guide new members.
Of course we want everyone to make sure they have their modpack ready before attending an training.


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