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Count how many object are in a trigger and teleport objects with a task is completed

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I'm making a mission where there are 6 missions to do but I only want players to do 3 missions maximum

The way I intend to do it is like so:
- Every mission has an object "attached" to them

- Once the players complete a mission, the attached object gets moved in the trigger
- The trigger counts how many objects there are in itself and if the amount is equal to 3.. It gets activate


How do I count how many objects are in the trigger and (optionally) how do I detect that a mission has been completed and activates a separate trigger?


Thanks a lot ❤️

Edit 1:

I found and edited a code, it works but only with units instead of objects but it's better than nothing:

(count (thislist select {alive _x })) isequalto 3


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I found this on another post, It counts how many vehicles are in a trigger area. I'm making some modifications and testing it rn:


(count (thislist select {alive _x && (_x isKindOf "Tank" || _x isKindOf "Car")})) isequalto 0


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Once a player complete a mission, you set the mission task as succeeded, and a counter +1 on server. No need to trigger / add object or else.


in initServer.sqf

missionCount = 0;   (or what you want)

publicVariable "missionCount";  // as common reference for each player


When a mission is successful or failed (I don't know your task state but I'm rather sure there is a trigger for each case success/loose), you just have to add:

if the trigger is server server only:

missioncount = missionCount +1;

publicVariable "missionCount";


if the trigger fires for each players+server:

if (isServer) then {

  missionCount = missionCount +1;

  publicVariable "missionCount";


The principle is that server stays the common reference for the count. Generally, this is also the place for generating the tasks/missions. So, if you know what you do, you can keep all that on server (and public variable is useless). That depends on the way you propagate the tasks states.



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