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Oh no! Server down... Recommended specs for a new server PC?

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Today, my Arma server (my former gaming PC) decided not to boot anymore. I'm hoping to fix it, but I'm also thinking that it might not work for one reason for another, so I wanted to ask, in case I had to get a new PC for this: what are good specs for an Arma 3 server for small groups (we're currently below eight people, I don't think it'd ever become more than twice that) using quite a few mods (ACRE2, ACE3, CUP, RHS, various maps)?

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- a modern subtle CPU with at least 4 cores. (my recommendation: Ryzen 5 1600 or 2600).

- 8 to 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM.


- At least 150GB HDD or SSD storage for the game and the mods. SSD recommended!

- a fast and stable IPv4 internet connection.




Arma 3 does not support IPv6 address and DS-Lite connections !!!


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