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S.O.G. Prairie Fire - Changelog

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S.O.G. Prairie Fire v1.01.006333


More discussion and details can be found on the S.O.G Prairie Fire Forums.


Content Fixes


Content Fixes

  • Fixed: Simplified Chinese localization now showing up correctly when setting it in the Options.

Campaign Fixes

  • Added: Filtering support for respawn loadout to improve general mod compatibility.
  • Fixed: CO04: ASH AND TRASH: Vehicle respawn script error.

Server Fixes

  • Fixed: Various Linux Dedicated server crashes.
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S.O.G. Prairie Fire v1.1


New Content

Added: Khe Sanh Terrain 15x15km

Added: Vehicle M151A1 (TOW)

Added: Vehicle Car (Boheme Bonn)

Added: Vehicle Car (Boheme Rodina)

Added: Vehicle Car (Boheme Kupe)

Added: Vehicle Van (Boheme Krabice)

Added: Vehicle Van (Boheme Krabice/ DP-27)

Added: Static Weapon V-11M Twin 37mm AA gun

Added: Static Weapon Type 56 75mm Recoilless Rifle

Added: Static Weapon L/60 Mk3 40mm Autocannon

Added: Static weapon L/70 Mk2 20mm Autocannon

Added: Rifle M63A Commando

Added: Rifle M63A LMG

Added: Rifle Mk1 UDG

Added: SMG M1928 Tommy Gun

Added: SMG M1928A1 Tommy Gun

Added: SMG M1A1 Tommy Gun

Added: SMG M1A1 Tommy Gun (shorty)

Added: SMG MPU (with suppressor attachment)

Added: SMG VZ.61

Added: Handgun VZ.61 (Sidearm)

Added: Uniform SEAL 1 (ERDL)

Added: Uniform SEAL 1 (Olive Dirty)

Added: Uniform SEAL 1 (Olive)

Added: Uniform SEAL 1 (Tiger Green)

Added: Uniform SEAL 1 (Tiger)

Added: Uniform SEAL 2 (ERDL)

Added: Uniform SEAL 2 (Olive Dirty)

Added: Uniform SEAL 2 (Olive)

Added: Uniform SEAL 2 (Tiger Green)

Added: Uniform SEAL 2 (Tiger)

Added: Uniform SEAL 3 (Blue)

Added: Uniform SEAL 4 (Blue)

Added: Uniform SEAL 5 (ERDL)

Added: Uniform SEAL 5 (Olive Dirty)

Added: Uniform SEAL 5 (Olive)

Added: Uniform SEAL 5 (Tiger Green)

Added: Uniform SEAL 5 (Tiger)

Added: Uniform SEAL 6 (ERDL)

Added: Uniform SEAL 6 (Olive Dirty)

Added: Uniform SEAL 6 (Olive)

Added: Uniform SEAL 6 (Tiger Green)

Added: Uniform SEAL 6 (Tiger)

Added: Uniform UDT 1 (Blue/ Khaki)

Added: Uniform UDT 1 (Blue/ Tiger)

Added: Uniform UDT 1 (Yellow/ Khaki)

Added: Uniform UDT 1 (Yellow/ Tiger)

Added: Uniform UDT 2 (Blue/ Khaki)

Added: Uniform UDT 2 (Blue/ Tiger)

Added: Uniform UDT 2 (Yellow/ Khaki)

Added: Uniform UDT 2 (Yellow/ Tiger)

Added: Uniform UDT 3 (Beaver Wetsuit)

Added: Headgear Helmet M56

Added: Headgear Helmet SSh-40

Added: Facewear Face mask - SEAL (diver)

Added: Vest - SEAL (diver)

Added: Vest - SEAL (Grenadier)

Added: Vest - SEAL (Medic)

Added: Vest - SEAL (MG)

Added: Vest - SEAL (Rifleman)

Added: Vest - SEAL (Scout)

Added: Vest - SEAL (TL)

Added: Backpack Pack - SEAL (tanks - only used by vest)

Added: Backpack Pack - NVA (Type 56)

Added: Prop SOG 35mm camera


New Variants

Added: Headgear Pith Helmet (NVA/ net)

Added: Headgear Pith Helmet (VC/ net)

Added: Headgear Pith Helmet (VPN/ net)

Added: Headgear Helmet M1 (Net 1)

Added: Headgear Helmet M1 (Net 2)

Added: Headgear Helmet M1 (ROK/ Jungle)

Added: Headgear Helmet M1 (ROK/ Sand)

Added: Headgear Helmet M1 (Tiger/ Net 1)

Added: Headgear Helmet M1 (Tiger/ Net 2)

Added: Headgear Helmet M1 Net 1 (Camo)

Added: Headgear Helmet M1 Net 2 (Camo)

Content Changes

Changed: OH-6 Removed duplicate proxies from Shadow LOD.

Changed: OH-6 Replaced Fire Geometry penetration materials, increasing vulnerability to small arms fire; new class HitPoints, removing redundant inherited classes; greatly increased ability to withstand ground impact (on skids); fixed alignment of hStabilizerR1 hit points.

Changed: OH-6 Switched damage mechanism for critical areas to use armorComponent system, rather than hitpoint clouds.

Changed: OH-6 Helicopters landing and gun lights; Increased intensity; Increased effective range; Decreased landing light movement sensitivity with speed.

Changed: UH34 Removed proxies from Shadow LOD 

Changed: UH34 Replaced Fire Geometry penetration materials, increasing vulnerability to small arms fire; New class HitPoints, removing redundant inherited classes; Increased ability to withstand ground impact (on wheels); Hitpoints altered (engine, transmission, fuel).

Changed: UH34 Switched damage mechanism for critical areas to use armorComponent system, rather than hitpoint clouds.

Changed: UH34 Helicopters landing and gun lights; Increased intensity; Increased effective range; Decreased landing light movement sensitivity with speed.

Changed: UH-1 Updated UH1 rotor blur proxy mesh to be more authentic.

Changed: UH-1 Added 'shadow' to pilots artificial horizon ball

Changed: UH-1 Updated lods to appear less blocky and remove vanishing windows.

Changed: UH-1 Removed proxies from Shadow LOD.

Changed: UH-1 Replaced Fire Geometry penetration material 20mm armour plating with metal, increasing vulnerability to small arms fire; New class HitPoints, removing redundant inherited classes, adjusting values; Greatly increased ability to withstand ground impact (on skids).

Changed: UH-1 Switched damage mechanism for critical areas to use armorComponent system, rather than hitpoint clouds; Fixed non-damaging window glass.

Changed: UH-1 Helicopters landing and gun lights; Increased intensity; Increased effective range; Decreased landing light movement sensitivity with speed.

Changed: UH-1 updated rotor blur

Changed: F-4 Replaced interior glass material to reduce/remove glare.

Changed: F-4 Updated lods to appear less blocky ingame and remove vanishing windows.

Changed: F-4 Changes made bring it in line with vanilla jet configuration:Reversed the tailhook animationSource so that 1 is up; Added condition to prevent tail hook being deployed while not in the air; Changed eventhandlers for AI landing to same format as Black Wasp.

Changed: F-4 Removed proxies from Shadow LOD.

Changed: F-4 Added chaff dispensers F-4B (Navy), 60 pieces dispensed in x2 (30 shots) or x10 (6 shots); F-4C (USAF), 10 pieces dispensed in 1 shot.

Changed: F-4 Added ACRE / TFAR support.

Changed: F-4 removed wing fold animation option in Virtual Garage from USAF variants

Changed: AH-1 removed proxies from Shadow LOD.

Changed: AH-1 Replaced Fire Geometry penetration materials, increasing vulnerability to small arms fire; New class HitPoints, removing redundant inherited classes, adjusting values; Greatly increased ability to withstand ground impact (on skids).

Changed: AH-1 Added an anti-tail strike skid to Geometry and Geo Phys LOD; Updated damage rvmat to use the same _as texture and specular values as the undamaged; Switched damage mechanism for critical areas to use armorComponent system, rather than hitpoint clouds.

Changed: AH-1 Removed PilotCamera.

Changed: AH-1 Helicopters landing and gun lights; Increased intensity; Increased effective range; Decreased landing light movement sensitivity with speed

Changed: Mi-2 removed proxies from Shadow LOD.

Changed: Mi-2 Helicopters landing and gun lights; Increased intensity; Increased effective range; Decreased landing light movement sensitivity with speed

Changed: BTR40 glass armor increased

Changed: BTR40 removed NVG and thermal modes from gunner optics view

Changed: BTR40 removed turretInfoType, discreteDistance & discreteDistanceIndex from class ViewOptics

Changed: BTR40 Shadow updated

Changed: Nasty removed CCIP from L/60 40mm, replaced with manual zeroing

Changed: Nasty significantly increased indirectHitRange on L/60 40mm HE ammo

Changed: set default loaded magazine to HEAT, rather than HE, so that AI are effective against Armour

Changed: Characters reduced ammo supply max for packs to 1% of former value

Changed: Characters Optimised vest ballistic protection

Changed: Characters Small shape adjustment for jungle boots

Changed: Characters small adjustment to k2b 02 uniform/ fix for feet

Changed: Characters Fixed Nomex gloves weighting on fingers

Changed: Characters Refined weighting for some vests to reduce clipping with uniforms

Changed: Characters Fixed weighting for RTO ciso pack's wire deformation in some poses

Changed: Characters Update M1 helmet normal map

Changed: all static weapons removed proxies from Shadow LOD.

Changed: ZPU4 Improved textures.

Changed: m1919a4 low Adjusted elevation max to remove arm stretch and geometry collision with ground 

Changed: SA-2 Guidance improvement and damage reduction

Changed: Static TOW Added Reticle; Reduced max. elev. to remove clipping issues.

Changed: Minor adjustments to camo wraps to remove clipping

Changed: M16 Adjusted eyepoint for CQB.

Changed: vn_suppressor_9_base / vn_suppressor_45_base: use audibleFire values closer to vanilla, to make the 9mm/.45 suppressors quieter to AI/ balanced with other suppressors.

Changed: melee Added config entries to melee weapons for updated changes to the melee weapon checking system.

Changed: all scopes Set magnification levels and disabled zoom for SKS / M38 / M4956 scopes; Minor adjustments to some sniper scope reticles

Changed: XM177 XM148 Added new foregrip for use with the xm148

Changed: Cam Lao Nam Underwater details around strategic objectives and throughout rivers

Changed: Cam Lao Nam richer seabottom surface clutter

Changed: Credits

Changed: Vehicle jukebox system reworked, selecting an option in the list will automatically start playing. Selecting a different song will stop the first song and start the new song automatically. The play/stop button has been replaced with a dedicated "STOP" button.

Changed: Hardcoded classes in the melee system have been changed to config classes to allow access to modders.

Changed: Add switchableTurrets framework; Lock switchableTurrets in 3DEN

Changed: Added empty option for tunnel module garrison size.

Changed: Mike Force logistics config is now the default Creator DLC logistics config.

Changed: Increased the volume of the music used in the vehicle jukebox system

Changed: Firegeo + shadow clean up on vn_us_pallet_stack_01

Changed: ammo crates added refined maximumLoad values

Changed: ammo crates added all new accessories, mags and weapons to ammo crates

Changed: Fire geo clean up of inconsistencies: vn_house_big_03_f; vn_multistorybuilding_03_f;vn_cathedral_02_f; vn_slum_04_f; vn_shop_city_03_f + 04 + 05 + 06. 

Changed: Reduced engine noise in CH34 cutscene in main menu

Changed: Numerous editor classname improvements

Changed: Numerous editor classname improvements

Changed: Reduced number of possible dates for easter egg events.

Changed: Aligned the "hold to skip" text in the campaign debriefing menu

Changed: Increased overall UI font size

Changed: added mass180 to all weapon packs

Changed: Updated credits with name change

Changed: Radio support module reduced the number of napalm and flechette rockets fired.

Changed: Powerpoles killed eventhandler script to cut down powerlines fixed to use all ATL height script commands. The previous version had mixed ASL ATL heights in use.

Changed: Set powerlines armor to 10 to make them properly destructible


Content Fixes

Fixed: OH-6 Corrected movement direction of anti-torque pedals in AFM.

Fixed: OH-6 Increased length of rear fin in Geometry and Geo Phys LOD's to prevent tail-strikes.

Fixed: OH-6 Fixed incorrect spawning of a crew member into the cargo FFV seat

Fixed: UH34 Removed unused muzzle flash proxies from Gunner/Pilot/Cargo LOD; Removed unused pylon proxy from Shadow LOD  

Fixed: UH34 Added external right side slice of LOD 0 to Gunner LOD 0, so that gunner in optics view sees the exterior when leaning out; M1919 re-enabled Cargo LOD 7 for crew chief optics view, removing clipping; Moved M1919 gunnerview memory point closer to the sights to prevent clipping.

Fixed: UH34 AI now unable to fly with folded rotors.

Fixed: UH34 right M1919 door gunner animation; Straightened spine to move head backwards and eliminate weapon clipping. 

Fixed: UH-1 Fixed broken rotor bend display in last res LOD. 

Fixed: UH-1 Reduced yaw sensitivity on UH-1D

Fixed: F-4 Fixed Navy Phantom wing folding.

Fixed: F-4 adjusted AA missiles to not use LOAL

Fixed: F-4 Disabled bomb computer when manual fire on; Fix for grayscale bug. IR Sensor added.

Fixed: F-4 Fixed two bug issues with the Phantom tail hook: AI wouldn't auto deploy it for landing / After landing useraction didn't reset.

Fixed: F-4 Fixed pilot attitude indicator and standby attitude indicator to animate in the correct direction.

Fixed: F-4 Fixed copilot compass animations to rotate in the correct direction

Fixed: F-4 Centreline gunpods on the Phantom do not fire if a wing gunpod is also fitted

Fixed: F-4 death upon ejection

Fixed: F-4 updated Shadow LOD 0, adding canopy frame, front gear struts, tail hook, engine shields, pitot tube

Fixed: Mi-2 Split engine hitpoints into 2; Corrected door_main in Hitpoints LOD.

Fixed: Mi-2 Added rear anti-tail strike to Geometry and Geometry Physx LOD; Replaced Fire Geometry penetration materials, increasing vulnerability to small arms fire; New class HitPoints, removing redundant inherited classes; Greatly increased ability to withstand ground impact (on skids); Switched damage mechanism for critical areas to use armorComponent system, rather than hitpoint clouds.

Fixed: Bicycle Fixed exploding wrecks / disabled killed EventHandler

Fixed: M151 Removed duplicate component from Fire Geometry; Fixed windscreen invulnerability

Fixed: BTR40 added discreteDistance & discreteDistanceIndex to ZPU ranging

Fixed: BTR40 moved aperture in armoured hatches downwards for improved visibility

Fixed: BTR40 armoured hatch textures adjusted for mesh change / added to View Geometry

Fixed: BTR40 glass can now be damaged (visual + sound) and destroyed; glass in armoured hatches added to Fire Geometry; glass selections removed from periscopes, set-up as child bones in skeleton; glass2 hitpoint class given correct hitpoint and visual selection names; glass added to damage rvmat swapping; glass hitpoints correctly animated

Fixed: Z-157 added Ammo Truck to Virtual Garage

Fixed: Z-157 added option to manually hide the front canopy to Virtual Garage

Fixed: Nasty Misplaced engine destruction smoke effect; 

Fixed: Nasty added SimpleObject class

Fixed: Nasty L/70 20mm weapon classes in CfgWeapons added, allowing correction of mg effects

Fixed: Shantou MP Zeus spawning not showing textures

Fixed: Shantou Added SimpleObject class

Fixed: Sampans MP zeus spawning not showing any textures

Fixed: Added SimpleObject class

Fixed: Motorboats Added SimpleObject class

Fixed: Characters NVA/VC sappers not being able to repair vehicles

Fixed: Howitzer / Anti-Tank Guns Increased magazine reload to 6s

Fixed: 105mm Howitzer flares burn out before reaching their intended location.

Fixed: 105mm Howitzer M60 Smoke Shells for artillery that caused damage

Fixed: Static DP28 Removed faulty LOD 6.

Fixed: Static DP28 AI being underground under their knees

Fixed: Fan Song Moved memory point further away from vehicle so that player doesn't get stuck on exit

Fixed: Fan Song updated Shadow LOD 0

Fixed: M101 Adjusted UV on m101 prop shell; Corrected shell proxy position in lod 2

Fixed: M101 Moved ARVN M101 Anti-tank Gun from Artillery to Turrets category.

Fixed: Static TOW Added reload animations; Added hide spare magazines as they are fired; Update static TOW mags anim on assembly; Fixed AI gunners not firing at targets.

Fixed: all pistols Sight precision improved

Fixed: rifles Sight precision improved - K50m / M16/ PK/ PPS

Fixed: M1891 Mem points re-aligned

Fixed: MP40 Mem points re-aligned

Fixed: PPS Mem points re-aligned

Fixed: M38 mem points re-aligned

Fixed: Mat 49 mem points re-aligned & adjusted suppressor

Fixed: M1 Carbine mem points re-aligned

Fixed: M4956 mem points re-aligned

Fixed: some submachine guns Added missing maxzeroing values; Arsenal range values improved.

Fixed: melee incorrect animations being used for melee weapons.

Fixed: buckshot and flechette ammo number of pellets and spread angle.

Fixed: M14 Toe Popper direct and indirect damage more harmful/ effective against AI.

Fixed: M72 LAW Used model tube spawning too high if player was not at terrain level.

Fixed: Mk22 Pistol Corrected entry for Mk22 pistol description to 9mm.

Fixed: HD Pistol texture adjustment.

Fixed: M40 Rifle Adjusted memory points to align better

Fixed: M14 Rifle Adjusted M14 reticle

Fixed: MC10 Adjusted length of MC10 suppressor.

Fixed: US Compass Fixed Azimuth at zero in mils.

Fixed: CamLaoNam Several missing and misaligned objects

Fixed: CamLaoNam Remade number of cliff formations where too large object scale allowed clipping into object geometry

Fixed: CamLaoNam Missing AI pathing over dykes and craters

Fixed: CamLaoNam Dyke surface speed coef 

Fixed: error popup when `bis_fnc_arsenal_center` is not defined in `vn_fnc_onArsenalOpened` function.

Fixed: melee would not correctly work in some situations

Fixed: handgun melee not working

Fixed: Radio backpack actions were removing the action from both the body and player unit when respawning. The actions being removed will now be checked to make sure the condition of the action being removed is the same as the intended action.

Fixed: Duplicate rank in vehicle rank check for whitelisted arsenal system.

Fixed: incorrect tunnel object being saved to the tunnel module object’s namespace.

Fixed: 'does not return array' issue in the configuration of the SAM restriction module.

Fixed: players could not restrict units from making death sounds.

Fixed: players wouldn’t be able to move if they attempted to drag a unit with sprint toggled on.

Fixed: vn_revive_incapacitated_mobile variable not being reset when a unit respawned.

Fixed: Removed the possibility for a trap to spawn if the search option has been disabled by the mission creator.

Fixed: incorrect index being used when calling for artillery support when an option was hidden due to a condition.

Fixed: owner of the radio support not being defined. Kills from radio support calls will now correctly mention the player who called in the support in the killfeed if a friendly fire incident occurs.

Fixed: The tunnel module will now kill AI who escape the tunnel and land on the terrain outside of the tunnel complex.

Fixed: Updated Voice Hints for COOP01 and COOP05 for "Xin loi" instead of "Xin hua"

Fixed: tagging in music files

Fixed: music track durations in configs to improve radio playback

Fixed: Replaced demo version of "Fire in the Sky" with final track

Fixed: Missing track in Zeus Music player

Fixed: indestructible ammoboxes no longer indestructible

Fixed: hut river series path lod updated

Fixed: Added "class house" to dykes to help with AI pathing

Fixed: Craters changed to house type to get the AI paths work.

Fixed: all relevant buildings: destructionfx and ruin spawn

Fixed: VN_fnc_sniper_tree_init: Remove systemChat

Fixed: Spider Holes: corrected editor category for VC spider holes; replaced NVA with VC in VC spider holes; no longer invulnerable.

Fixed: shop city 1: Ladder 1 trigger area

Fixed: vn_radar_01_antenna_body_f: View Geo blocking ai view

Fixed: Fixes vn_bagbunker_large_f/ and vn_bagbunker_small_f

Fixed: path lods for vn_hut series updated with additional in points for easier AI access

Fixed: Several displayname/ description strings using plain text

Fixed:  Weird angle for melee weapon butt animation intersect checking, increased length from 1m to 2m.

Fixed: Radio support will only set shot parents if the script is run in multiplayer. Should avoid creating issues in single player missions.

Fixed: unknown animation sources Land_vn_u_barracks_v2_f

Fixed: Unaccessible ladder points for AI on vn_fence_bamboo_02_gate

Fixed: RPT errors vn_lampshabby_f_02

Gameplay changes



Changed: Warlords Removed static weapon backpacks from the arsenal.

Changed: Zeus Added VN revive module and QOL module to all VN Zeus missions.

Changed: Bright Light More visible codebook / radio

Changed: Eldest Son Added memorial slides before ending 

Changed: Campaign Enable saving in coop missions in "multiplayer solo mode"



Fixed: Endgame Hanoi floating sandbag wall

Fixed: Endgame Saigon floating dirt

Fixed: Endgame Saigon issue where objective buildings could be destroyed by explosives.

Fixed: Endgame Saigon issue where respawn point was spawning people in rock objects.

Fixed: Endgame Saigon issue where a destroyed building would cause a vehicle respawn point to continually spawn and explode.

Fixed: Eldest Son/ Ma Bell Updated "Xin Hua" to "Xin Loi" in voice / subtitles.

Fixed: Temporary Duty / The Village Enable user saving


1.1 RC beta to release changelog

New Content

Added: Empty, no proxy, no lights versions of tunnel buildings for Khe Sanh

Content Fixes

Fixed: vn_b_men_seal_18 typo in config / headgear not shown

Fixed: String display of "BTR40" to "BTR-40"

Fixed: Minor Spanish strings

Fixed: Updating Base Class error in sounds_f_vietnam_02_c

Fixed: Missing camo sections in M101 and D44

Fixed: Stringtables with Chinese improvements to Gunner names

Fixed: vn_b_helipad_01 collision causing unnatural damage to helicopters

Fixed: Sandbag texture in vn_b_tower_01_part1 model

Fixed: Bad classname for goggles in SEAL divers

Fixed: Rice plant fire geometry adjusted so that explosions are deadly inside

Fixed: Increased Tommy drum mag mass and fixed tracer count in tracer mag

Fixed: D44 howitzer had many small optimisations to its model

Fixed: SEAL diving vest shadow

Fixed: vn_m1a1_so corrected proxy mag position to match vn_m1a1

Fixed: Tommy corrected named selection spelling

Fixed: Mk1 UDG removed call for wrong _ti in rvmat

Fixed: SOG 35mm camera prop scale

Fixed: Camo faces with wrong texture sources

Fixed: SEAL flippers clipping feet and goggles opaque

Fixed: Fishing Rod inventory icon

Content changes

Changed: Market objects darkened in lods

Changed: SEAL editorpreviews updated

Changed: Diver vehicleclass set to match base diver

Changed: Increased range of Mk1 UDG to approx 50m for use out of water

Changed: Added missing magazineReloadSwitchPhase to LMG

Changed: Pistol recoil for vz.61

Changed: Various new magazine and rifle weights reflect realistic stats

Changed: 100rnd mags mass optimised

Changed: M1a1 Tommy adjusted rate of fire

Changed: Map icons for smaller rocks to hide them

Changed: Updated cfgmods list to ensure mission editor compatibility

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S.O.G. Prairie Fire v1.1 hotfix

Content Fixes

Fixed: Added missing Khe Sanh Zeus missions

Fixed: Missions using civilian cars should now load correctly on dedicated servers
Fixed: Occasional crash when in the enhanced multiplayer menu
Fixed: Khe Sanh missions are now correctly categorised in the steam workshop
Fixed: Khe Sanh cutscene now plays correctly on the main menu screen
Fixed: Removed melee functionality from the MK1 UDG due to odd behaviour
Fixed: Stopped the TOW rocket smoke from causing occasional FPS drops
Fixed: Added missing buildings in Hue citadel
Fixed: Missing tunnel names in editor

Content Changes
Changed: Changed TOW rear missile exhaust to side flame plumes
Changed: Removed TOW missile rotation in flight
Changed: Added smoke effect when TOW fires


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S.O.G. Prairie Fire v1.2 changelog


New Content


Added: Terrain The Bra 5x5km

Added: 07 CO12 Eldest Son II mission (MACV SOG/ Khe Sanh)

Added: 08 CO06 Black Spear mission (SEALs/ Cam Lao Nam)

Added: MP Missions 4 new Zeus Variants for The Bra map (master, east, west, independent)

Added: New assets added to Showcases

Added: Music 3 new tracks

Added: Vehicle MiG-19S jet

Added: Vehicle F100D jet

Added: Vehicle M113A1 Armoured Personnel Carrier with 7 model variants

Added: Vehicle PBR boats with 2 model variants

Added: Vehicle STAB boats with 3 model variants

Added: Vehicle PT-76 Light amphibious tank with A and B variants

Added: Static Weapon M40A1 106mm Recoilless Rifle

Added: Static Weapon Mk18 40mm Grenade Launcher

Added: Static Weapon H-12 (Type 63) 107mm Rocket Launcher

Added: Static Weapon SGM 7.62mm Machine Gun with 3 variants

Added: Static Weapon MG42 7.92mm Machine Gun with 2 variants

Added: Submachine Gun F1 and bayonet

Added: Rifle M1 Garand with rifle grenades, scope and bayonet

Added: Rifle L1A1 with rifle grenades, scope, bayonet and 10, 20 and 30 round magazines, including NZ, Australian and SAS variants

Added: Rifle L1A1 + XM148

Added: Light Machine Gun L2A1

Added: Light Machine Gun M14A1

Added: Light Machine Gun M1918A2 BAR

Added: Sniper Rifle vz.54

Added: 11 New weapon accessories: 2 Bayonets (L1A1 / M1 Garand); 3 Camo wraps (M14A1 / VZ54 / M1 Garand); 3 Bipods (M1918 / M16 / M14A1); 3 Optics (VZ54 / L1A1 / M16 SP)

Added: 18 Additional traps and mines: bike, pot, gate, mortar, side whip, cartridge, lighter, jerrycan, grenade board, DH10, No.8, bangalore, Mk36 naval mine, Mk36 destructor mine, 2 underwater limpet mines, sapper satchel and throwable satchel

Added: Uniform 22 ANZAC uniform models (Jungle Green/ Pixie/ Pilot/ SAS)

Added: Vest 14 ANZAC models

Added: Backpack 3 ANZAC models (P08/ P1944 / Field packs) totaling 8 variants, and a set of preloaded packs for AI (containing relevant ammo)

Added: Backpack 2 Parachutes (BA-18 / BA-22) and canopy

Added: Headgear 3 Giggle Hat models in 2 texture variants (+/- Cord / standard, oval and folded)

Added: Headgear Royal Australian Armoured Corps Beret with Headset

Added: Headgear Beret model (left-side slope) with 5 texture variants (ARVN / RLA / US Navy)

Added: Headgear 2 Chinese Field Cap models (Pathet Lao)

Added: Headgear 1 PAVN Field Cap (VC / NVA variants)

Added: Facewear 2 Scrim Scarf models (Sweat Rag / Tucked in)

Added: Facewear 2 Towel models (Around Neck / On Head)

Added: Units ANZAC Army and Crew in 3 timezones (66, 68 and 70 uniform/weapons)

Added: Units ANZAC SAS in 2 timezones (66 and 70 uniform/weapons)

Added: Units ANZAC Pilots

Added: Units ARVN Marines (TQLC)

Added: Units CIA Air America pilots and aircraft

Added: Units Royal Laotian Army (RLA)

Added: Units Pathet Lao (PL) Army

Added: Units Republic of Korea (ROK) Army in 2 timezones (65 and 68 uniform/weapons)

Added: Units Republic of Korea (ROK) Marines in 2 timezones (65 and 68 uniform/weapons)

Added: Groups for all new factions and vehicles

Added: Building Saigon Embassy

Added: Building Hanoi Train Station

Added: Buildings Vietnamese City Houses

Added: Buildings 89 new part-built structures for Building system

Added: Burned embers trees / Burned ground decals

Added: ANZAC equipment crate

Added: ANZAC mags and resupply crates

Added: SEAL and SAS weapon crates and armories

Added: Weapons and armory crates for new factions (ROK, PL, RLA, AUS, NZ, SAS)

Added: Static weapon supply crates (SGM, MG42, MK18)

Added: New Ambient Audio Module sound "Army Camp"

Added: New afterburner for jets (full throttle and hold vehicle turbo)


New Variants


Added: Vehicle M151A1 armed with M40A1 recoilless rifle

Added: Vehicle UH-1D Bushranger gunship (RAAF)

Added: Vehicle UH-1E (Transport)

Added: Vehicle UH-1E gunship (TK-2 Quad M60 + M200)

Added: Vehicle UH-1E heavy gunship (TAT-101 Turret + TK-2 Quad M60 + LAU59)

Added: Vehicle UH-1F Transport slick (2x m60) USAF

Added: Vehicle UH-1D Transport (unarmed, CIA)

Added: Vehicle UH-1B Transport (unarmed, CIA)

Added: Vehicle UH-1B Medevac

Changed: Vehicle UH-1P Green Hornet gunship (updated model)

Changed: Vehicle UH-1B Seawolves Gunship (updated model)

Changed: Vehicle UH-1B Slick (2x m60 updated model)

Changed: Rifle M16 + XM148 (Updated model)

Added: Rifle M16 + M203 Grenade Launcher

Added: Rifle M16 (Early Model)

Added: Rifle XM16E1 (Early Model)

Added: Rifle XM177E1 (Early Model)

Added: Rifle GAU-5A/A (with SP optic accessory)

Added: 16 Uniform texture variants for Pathet Lao soldiers

Added: 6 Uniform texture variants for RLA (Royal Laotian Army) soldiers with French Lizard camo

Added: 6 Uniform texture variants for ARVN Ranger soldiers with BDQ camo

Added: 6 Uniform texture variants for US soldiers with green dominant ERDL camo

Added: 6 Uniform texture variants for ROK soldiers with Frog camo

Added: Headgear Beret in 2 variants (Royal Australian Armoured Corps and ARVN)

Added: Headgear additional variants for 5 Boonie Hat models, beret, headband and bandana (green dominant ERDL)

Added: New Vietnamese and Montagnard faces

Added: New MACV SOG character faces based on military advisers including camo versions

Added: New revive and SAM module voice acted dialog for both Australian and New Zealand units

Added: New resupply and transport options to the artillery support menu with example config options. Fixed functions to work if multiple sorties are called at the same time.

Added: Ammo crates and transport options to the radio support module

Added: Preloaded lightweight packs for M1918, M1 Garand and M1A1

Added: Korean names for ROK units (Credit: Kim "Scarecrow1625" Jin-yong)

Added: Naval guns and type56rr static groups

Added: New beret types to ARVN SF/ Army

Added: New Lowlands ERDL to US SF troops

Added: New ranger uniforms and beret to ARVN Rangers

Added: vn_b_item_toolkit_weightless for use by diver engineers (scope = 1)

Added: adv_explosives placement function for attaching explosives to vehicles and for vn_water_mine_muzzle underwater. Added support vn_adv_explosives_canAttach object property. Add scripted vn_adv_explosive_attached event. KNOWN ISSUES: explosives deactivated over deep water can vanish / duplicate placement action when on structure over water

Added: vn_sam_faceType property to face classes / Added vn_fnc_sam-getUnitVoiceIndex/ Use the new way of fetching unit voice type in SAM

Added: Static Shantou and PTF boats (under structures/ports) with roadway, hideable planks, navigation lights and destruct ruins

Added: Respawning Garrison module

Added: Pathet Lao flags


Content Changes



Changed: Many firing sounds have been slightly tweaked, cleaned & remastered

Changed: More aggressive Sonic-cracks & Bullet-snaps

Changed: Bullethits volume slightly reduced

Changed: Distant firing sounds tweaked to allow for easy identification

Changed: More aggressive Cannon sounds

Changed: Howitzers volume increased

Changed: Heavy machine guns like M1919, DShK, M2 (Twin & Quad) re-designed

Changed: Increase UGL launcher firing sound & new reload SFX 

Changed: Decreased some mechanical noises of weapons 

Changed: Increased bolt snap SFX for open bolt weapons

Changed: Softer M60, RPD, DP28 & other LMG sounds

Changed: Removed redundant clutter SFX

Changed: Overall soundscape cleaned up

Changed: Rebalanced distance values to match view distances 

Changed: XM177 and Type56 sound more similar

Changed: M60 shell sounds are more subtle

Changed: Removed redundant distant tail sounds

Changed: New Internal (co-ax) firing sounds 

Changed: Removed repeating bird sequence in meadow ambient

Changed: Improved engine sounds for BTR40, Zil truck, M35 truck  

Changed: Re-designed engine sounds for M151 Mutt 

Changed: MC10 reload SFX

Changed: Engine sounds for F4 Phantom

Changed: Sonic boom for jets improved

Changed: New brake sounds for cars

Changed: New engine sound design for civilian vehicles

Changed: Jet sound tweaks for distance and rumble



Changed: Added blufor/opfor/indfor parachutes, equipped on jet pilots

Changed: Updated parachute classes in missions / kit loads in planes

Changed: Added camo faces to some snipers and to VC main force

Changed: Added new Vietnamese and Montagnard faces to units

Changed: ARVN LLDB changed to use Specop capabilities

Changed: CIDG units removed camo faces

Changed: CIDG units added new weapons / preload packs

Changed: Factions for AUS/NZ men and helicopters

Changed: SEAL men editorpreview updates

Changed: Set identities in each unit base class/ deprecated redundant medic base classes

Changed: SVH4 helmet colours

Changed: Updated the MACV_XX_06 uniform icons/previews



Changed: "map = rock" to "map = hide" to clean up map icons

Changed: Added empty, no proxy, no lights tunnels for Khe sanh use. Will need stringtable entries for 05 tunnel parts

Changed: Added Khe Sanh Intro mission

Changed: Added Khe Sanh tag to SteamManagerConfig

Changed: Cocos tree shadow and view/fire geo tweaks

Changed: Leucaena fire and view geometry improvements

Changed: Market objects darkened

Changed: Rice Plant fire geo tweak to make explosions deadly inside them

Changed: Underwater plant RVMAT for better plant visibility (remove directional fade)

Changed: Updated Ha Long harbour area for Black Spear mission

Changed: Removed outdated textured bunkers from the editor 

Changed: Set Hue Temple to indestructible


Changed: Added boat climbing framework function / Climb action to static Shantou and PTF Nasty

Changed: Added hiddenselections to F4 canopy

Changed: Overhauled HUD and cockpit dials for F4

Changed: Added modern ordnance available for F4 (AGM65/ AIM120/ AGM88/ GBU12/ CBU using Arma 3 ordnance models) for e.g. West German variant in mods

Changed: Added SimpleObject config for vn_wheeled_m54_mg_02_base

Changed: Added that every huey has a working copilot searchlight

Changed: Deleted old temp folder in OH-6A config

Changed: Improved "Ship Horn" weapons mod compatibility: Refactor into common base class vn_ship_horn/ Remove `explosionEffects` from vn_ship_horn_ammo"

Changed: Increased armour value of low DShKM / shielded low DShKM

Changed: M151 TOW: changed single rear missile exhaust to two side flame plumes/ removed missile rotation in flight/ added rear back-blast smoke effect to weapon firing.

Changed: Fixed time before deletion of ammo (TOW and AT3 missiles).

Changed: PTF Nasty editor subcategory changed to Boats (MACV)

Changed: Replaced imported vanilla SPG9 penetrator with 75mm warhead

Changed: Slightly reduced armour values on light tanks and APCs

Changed: “Statics” to “turrets” in strings

Changed: Set to scope 1 classes of UH-1 which were not historically correct for their faction (placeholders from 1.0)

Changed: Adjusted Virtualgarage options for all UH-1 helicopters so that faction-based textures now function correctly for ARVN / RAAF aircraft

Changed: Groups of vehicles, statics and men updated to make use of new vehicle classes, and removed some scope 1 vehicle classes

Changed: PFT Nasty Boat increased supplyRadius to allow vehicle inventory to be accessed from outside


Changed: Improved pistol recoils

Changed: Adjusted M60 100rnd mag weight to bring it in balance with other similar mags

Changed: Adjusted some explosive values in vehicle ammo to better match vanilla ammo

Changed: Adjusted various magazine & rifle weights to reflect differing stats

Changed: Delete punji mines when going off in a doorway a few seconds after it is triggered, to prevent door blocking

Changed: Added mag proxies to Type 56

Changed: Adjusted PM recoil to match other 9mm pistols

Changed: Increased drum mag mass/ fixed trace count for RPD

Changed: M16 3x to 4x scope naming

Changed: M16 to M16A1 naming

Changed: Modified some weapon masses - based on a public report of the mp40 weighing the same as a m60

Changed: PM & TT33 new reloadmagazine rtm's

Changed: Removed extra mass params in weapons with accessories

Changed: Slightly Increased Type56 recoil values.

Changed: Strings: Added vz.54 to m38 clip / Pat Mitchell 1-0 changed to 1-1

Changed: Tommy M1A1 variant adjusted ROF

Changed: Tweaked VFX to be a little more performant and look more smooth, especially WP effects

Changed: XM177/XM148 icon and editor preview updates

Changed: BLU1B texture/material to reflect more



Changed: Added new voice acting to artillery support system directional entries (ne/ e/ se/ s/ sw/ w/ nw directions) and dual callsigns (razorback / columbia)

Changed: Adjusted revive and SAM module to switch to Australian or New Zealand audio if units face is an Australian or New Zealand face.

Changed: Added configurable maximum wait time to Radio Support, fixed duplicate unit_trait_required

Changed: Added Radio Support maximum wait time per callsign support

Changed: Added vn_inventory_functions to functions_f_vietnam - inventory_addBackpackWithContent / onKilled_transferBackpackToVehicle

Changed: Added vn_weapon_on_back animation set for AI usage

Changed: Added M112 Holo helper object

Changed: Added entryTurret events to switchableTurrets framework

Changed: Rolling credit titles, special thanks, new sections and names

Changed: vn_ms_fnc_casAirstrike will return spawned plane instead of "true"

Changed: Alternative syntax for vn_ms_fnc_hasItems

Changed: Added safezone parameter to vn_ms_fnc_tracker_getHiddenPos

Changed: "site weight" attribute to Random Site Selector module

Changed: Added vn_ms_fnc_weaponOnBack function

Changed: Added vn_ms_fnc_colorMarkers function

Changed: Added vn_ms_fnc_ambientAnim function

Changed: Added vn_ms_fnc_forceFire function

Changed: Added vn_ms_fnc_scanHorizon function

Changed: Added vn_ms_fnc_enableArtilleryTrait function

Changed: Added vn_ms_fnc_attachHiddenTarget function

Changed: Added vn_ms_fnc_addSearchlight function

Changed: Added 1.2 content to the Whitelisted Arsenal and Logistics module configs


Content Fixes



Fixed: Missing distant firing sounds for MPU and Tommy gun

Fixed: M35 truck RPM values for sounds were wrong



Fixed: Typo causing 1 SEAL not to show headgear

Fixed: Update stringtables with Chinese fixes

Fixed: Visor up/down in heli pilot classes

Fixed: 'vn\characters_f_vietnam\blufor\vests\vn_b_vest_aircrew_01.p3d': LODs not ordered by face count

Fixed: Seal vest shadows

Fixed: Accidental inclusion of glass in hiddenselections vn_g_spectacles.p3d

Fixed: Diver flippers shadows

Fixed: MG vest space

Fixed: Issue with the goggles not showing up on divers



Fixed: Added missing popup text for non-owners when attempting to use the terrain without purchasing

Fixed: No 'autocenter=0' in 'vn\vn_misc\vn_radio.p3d' that is used as proxy.

Fixed: Temple roadway sounds

Fixed: land_vn_army_hut_int: dvere1 - unknown animation source door_1_sound_source

Fixed: Added path lod to vn_wagon_box.p3d

Fixed: Fix for cages to be in correct category

Fixed: Fix for FOB signs to be in signs (macv)

Fixed: Fix for land_vn_us_common_lantern_01+ land_vn_b_prop_m149_03 + land_vn_steeldrum_half_01+ land_vn_steeldrum_half_02 + vn_prop_bullet_casings being in objects civ, now in objects (macv)

Fixed: Fix for propaganda signs to be under signs (pavn)

Fixed: Fix so that land_vn_rulaunchers + land_vn_rubasicammo + land_vn_ruordnance + land_vn_ruvehicleammo are now under objects (pavn)

Fixed: Moved K9 into cemetery category

Fixed: Fix for flooring on vn_tovarna1.p3d

Fixed: Fix for legacy market cages double

Fixed: Fix for view geo of vn_fence_bamboo_01_gate.p3d

Fixed: Sandbag penetration material fix on barracks

Fixed: vn_bridge_road_hue_01A.p3d - made more complex geo and fire geo

Fixed: vn_fence_bamboo_02.p3d mlods

Fixed: vn_house_c_1_v2_dam_ep1.p3d + vn_house_c_3_dam_ep1.p3d + vn_house_c_3_ep1.p3d improvements

Fixed: vn_structures_f_enoch/military/radar/vn_radar_01_hq_f.p3d roof geo

Fixed: Weight distribution on vn_us_pallet_stack_02.p3d to mitigate flipping when sling loading

Fixed: Selection missing in CfgModels class vn_tent_02_03 "camo1"

Fixed: Selection missing in CfgModels class vn_tent_02_04 "camo1"

Fixed: Autocenter 0 to solve problem with floating terrain placed stacks

Fixed: Broken lod on sandbags

Fixed: Closed geo on hue bridge fences

Fixed: Column_ruins script not working on dedicated, refactor to functions

Fixed: Destruct effects (all buildings) / added Land_vn_building_urban_small_base and Land_vn_ports_small_base for smaller buildings

Fixed: Disabled door on Land_vn_army_hut_int

Fixed: Duped objects minimised as best as possible + IDAP neutralised in vn_props_f_orange

Fixed: Fixes for vn_b_helipad_01.p3d fire geo + sandbag fix for vn_b_tower_01_part1.p3d

Fixed: Floor on fire geo of vn_buildings/vn_kostel.p3d

Fixed: Added ModuleCivilianPresence_F config for Khe Sanh and The Bra

Fixed: OPFOR sides do not correctly populate military structures

Fixed: Ghost tree issue

Fixed: Land_vn_o_bunker_01 tweaked geometry and roadway to give more space in the hole

Fixed: Internal roadway sounds fixed for vn_house_c_1_v2_dam_ep1.p3d + vn_house_c_9_dam_ep1.p3d + vn_house_c_9_ep1.p3d

Fixed: Issues with temple model

Fixed: Spiderholes removed duplicate turrets and related issues

Fixed: Texture issues on Land_vn_hut_tower_01

Fixed: Multiple RPT spams due to errors on different structures

Fixed: Mis-spelling of THANH on Cam Lao Nam



Fixed: Added missing camo sections to howitzer models

Fixed: Corrected string display of "BTR40" to "BTR-40"

Fixed: fn_vehicle_boat_horn_reload deleting all projectiles

Fixed: Missing pbo warnings when starting with civilian cars on the map / bad PreloadAddons causing pop-ups on mission start

Fixed: M41 glass material on periscope viewports

Fixed: Category for VC boats and sampans

Fixed: Z-157 Missile Carrier Bug fix: Removed rear wheels and dampers from trailer selection (LOD1+)

Fixed: 'vn\weapons_v_f_vietnam\gunpod\vn_gunpod_suu11_02.p3d': LODs not ordered by face count

Fixed: Removed bullet fly by sounds from vn_ship_horn_ammo/ set init speed to 0

Fixed: Swapped metal to metal plate for the fire geo of F4 wreck

Fixed: Occupied sniper trees not working properly, added dynamic sim, refactored function

Fixed: added SimpleObject for all version of M54

Fixed: CH34 corrected naming of `collision_red_flash` selection and added where missing to LOD 3 / `position_light_white` selection removed from `positionlights`

Fixed: L/70 Mk2 20mm added a Buoyancy LOD to make the weapon sink

Fixed: Added Field Manual vehicles and statics from v1.1

Fixed: Artillery not drawing on the map correctly

Fixed: Display position of ranging data on all static weapons

Fixed: UH-1 adjusted proxy positions

Fixed: F-4 raised all LOD's by 0.031m on y-axis, bringing wheels above ground/ removed selection names from LandContact points

Fixed: Adjusted height of DP27 static proxy in model and adjusted rtm to fit new position

Fixed: Disabled spawning of AI in the backs of the cars/van

Fixed: BTR40 added ZPU4 textures to hiddenSelections

Fixed: M54 Quad added quad mount textures to hiddenSelections

Fixed: Z-157 ZPU added ZPU textures to hiddenSelections

Fixed: Added missing camo3 to M101 model sections list

Fixed: D44 properly defined camo selections for hiddenSelections

Fixed: Added range zeroing to the Commander's DShKM

Fixed: Z-157 added canopy_front bones to skeleton of mg1 and mg2 trucks (via inheritance)

Fixed: Z-157 added hide animations for the door covers and added to Virtual Garage

Fixed: Created new KIA animations for all drivers and 2 rear seat passengers car 01

Fixed: All tanks: reduced dirt on periscope glass texture / set default driver view to straight ahead

Fixed: Howitzer Battery group spawns D44 Anti-Tank

Fixed: Unknown animation sources on UH1s

Fixed: Components not being found on UH1s

Fixed: Body and gun values on OH6s 

Fixed: Fixed F-4 ejection for copilot

Fixed: Interior lights constantly being on in some UH1s

Fixed: Artificial horizon for OH-6A and CH-34

Fixed: KIA animations in RSNA75 (Fan Song)

Fixed: new HitPoint LOD, reduced armorStructural value, fixed duplicate hitpoint class errors

Fixed: Gunner feet underground and related Geometry and GeoPhys issues

Fixed: Adjusted camera range of movement for F4

Fixed: Gunner LOD view for F4

Fixed: Ejection seat missing pilot in fire geo for F4 making him unkillable

Fixed: Added pilotcam to enable pilot to control ATGM for Mi-2

Fixed: Pilot locking missiles for Mi-2

Fixed: Pylon menu bug (having option to put rockets control on door gunners) for multiple helos

Fixed: Removed muzzle flash from simple object of M54

Fixed: Miniguns allocating to wrong turret in uh1B/C gunships pylon dialogs

Fixed: Added impact effects and more damage to miniguns

Fixed: Removed white surrounds on UH-1 decals which were becoming visible at distance due to mipmapping

Fixed: USAF hornet decals, no longer mirrored

Fixed: Naming of US 20mm ammunition from HE to HEI, shortened Spanish translation

Fixed: HEDP armour penetration description

Fixed: Horn added to Type 63 and M41 tanks

Fixed: All planes: Head is no longer glitching into seat due to g-forces

Fixed: AI now is able to properly utilise gunpods in the F-4

Fixed: Ejection seat of F-4 is not triggered when ejecting from stationary plane



Fixed: <br / > issues on all 1.1 magazines (replaced with <br />)

Fixed: _co of M63A commando to remove an overly bright metallic area.

Fixed: Added missing magazineReloadSwitchPhase to LMG

Fixed: Added scripted handling for M16 bounding mines

Fixed: Adjusted groundholder config to fix all mags being located under terrain

Fixed: Adjusted mem points in M38 & M1891

Fixed: Tommy gun - corrected named selection spelling in both p3d's

Fixed: Tommy gun fire selector animation

Fixed: TOW Rocket Smoke being too strong/dense, causing FPS drops especially when being zoomed in and trying to track the target

Fixed: UDG dart gun - removed call for wrong _ti in rvmat

Fixed: 'vn\weapons_f_vietnam\items\radio\vn_radio_urc10.p3d': LODs not ordered by face count

Fixed: 'vn\weapons_f_vietnam\items\radio\vn_radio_urc10_mag.p3d': LODs not ordered by face count

Fixed: Zeus mine modules should not have model assigned

Fixed: M1a1_so - corrected proxy pos to match M1a1

Fixed: M63A adjusted smdi map to remove glitch

Fixed: Mag model for mortar bomb

Fixed: MPU SMG - Slight gap between two mesh components on the front sight post.

Fixed: Refactored mines/explosives muzzles to workaround engine bug where inherited put muzzles include the magazines from parent classes (+= operator issues in explosives weapons)

Fixed: Removed the word bolt-action from all M49/56 descriptions in all languages

Fixed: Removed UBC from FlareBase

Fixed: Removed unnecessary properties from Put muzzles/ Redundant vanilla values.

Fixed: Replaced muzzle flash for suppressed variant of PM

Fixed: Reset tracer values to zero, on sniper non-tracer mags

Fixed: RPD - renamed incorrectly named mem points so effects are at points instead of defaulting to centre

Fixed: Camera object scale

Fixed: Disabled spawning of the model on used tripwire mine, fix offset for 4m

Fixed: Fishing rod and inventory icon fix

Fixed: Fixed all scopes to match real magnification values

Fixed: PPS naming dupe

Fixed: M14 camo wrap flickering

Fixed: K50 - Adjusted smdi map to remove glitch

Fixed: M14 mag mass

Fixed: Issue with the intersection checking for weapon butt attack

Fixed: Explosion effects on bullet impact when using Twin and Quad M60

Fixed: Fixed empty reload animation on HD (S)

Fixed: M63a ranging issues

Fixed: DShKM tipping over on slopes

Fixed: removed explosion and crater fx and sounds from Fuel tanks

Fixed: Improved melee accuracy



Fixed: US ammobox names of ammo types to fit Vietnam era

Fixed: Hidden greek signs from editor

Fixed: Incorrect editor categorisation of assets



Fixed: Air support helis shooting themselves down

Fixed: Aircraft would not follow the direction given by the player when called in through the radio support module.

Fixed: Bugs that are breaking the cost variable section of the radio support menu from working.

Fixed: Mike 3 Radio Support artillery using wrong ammo class

Fixed: Prevent double initialization of the Radio Support module

Fixed: Fixed pop-ups with the radio jukebox. Now checks that the class name exists and won't create a pop-up error.

Fixed: Removed NVG and TI effects on the death camera depending on the year

Fixed: Safezone/blacklist area checks in Radio Support module

Fixed: Script error and duplicate support calls with the radio support module.

Fixed: Several bad translations

Fixed: Localised strings in Zeus missions

Fixed: Minor fixes to Spanish

Fixed: UBC errors

Fixed: missing/outdated editor previews

Fixed: Broken vanilla menu

Fixed: Dedicated server load error: removed duplicate sound entry from PreloadAddons/ added sounds_02 entries to PreloadAddons

Fixed: EMM causing a crash with a .bisign file that doesn't have a .pbo. or .ebo. in the filename

Fixed: EMM (quickPlay) sorting by name was broken

Fixed: Ensure server execution for setShotParents

Fixed: Naming duplicates

Fixed: Colour scheme force loading

Fixed: In rare circumstances the bleed-out timer can run twice at the same time causing the player to get stuck in the downed state

Fixed: Certain objects were not being deleted by the random site module when deleting sites

Fixed: Random Site Selector module not deleting vehicle crews

Fixed: vn_ms_fnc_respawn_addSaveAction generating RPT warnings i executed on dedicated server

Fixed: No longer able to throw grenades whilst being dragged


Gameplay changes



Changed: Removed multiplayer mission PBOs from PreloadAddons

Changed: Added capability for RTO’s to manually control Air support during Prairie Fire emergencies in Campaign missions (01, 03, 04, 05, 07)

Changed: Added ability to suppress waves of enemies with rapid fire / machine gun fire in Campaign missions. Enemy tracker groups are more suspectible to suppressing fire

Changed: Disabled damage on ammo boxes in FOBs

Changed: Improved traps in inventory check in The Village

Changed: Lowered trackers spotDistance and spotTime skills

Changed: Players loaded into the helicopter during exfil will be automatically stabilised

Changed: Prevent accidental spiked ammo box placement in Eldest Son (I/II) missions



Fixed: AI disembarking helicopter too early in Eldest Son

Fixed: Disabled helicopter respawn notification in Eldest Son

Fixed: Optimised performance of Eldest Son mission

Fixed: Enemy AI not shooting at exfil helicopter if piloted by AI

Fixed: Failsafe for AI Heli getting stuck at Leghorn hill in Spindown

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S.O.G. Prairie Fire v1.2.1 changelog


New Variants

Added: Badgeless PAVN Field Cap variant


Content Changes



Changed: Tweaked sounds for multiple pistols

Changed: Volume and range of horn sounds for multiple vehicles



Changed: Civ Buildings - tweaked AI pathing

Changed: Civ Buildings - improved armor values

Changed: Hanoi Station - tweaked AI pathing

Changed: Rice paddy and crater water visual improvement



Changed: F-100 - added flares attribute

Changed: MiG-19 - added flares attribute

Changed: F-4 - implemented custom Manual Fire action

Changed: M113 - added jukebox music player

Changed: M113 - horn sound correctly applied

Changed: M113 - increased firing arc for hatch FFV passengers

Changed: M151 & BTR-40 - enabled vehicle-in-vehicle transport

Changed: Multiple vehicles - changed from using 'init' to newer 'postInit' function in vehicle event handlers

Changed: PBR, Shantou and PTF Nasty - added 3DEN attributes to allow for easier customisation of the flag

Changed: PTF Nasty - increased supplyRadius to allow vehicle inventory to be better accessed from outside



Changed: Multiple statics - added sling loading memory points and config



Changed: Added loadorder to ensure that S.O.G. PF is loaded before mods are loaded

Changed: Master Arm module - allowed vehicle features to be overwritten via object vars

Changed: Master Arm module - added button in the master arm display to transfer all weapon controls to the pilot turret of the aircraft


Content Fixes



Fixed: M1918A2 BAR - Bipod SFX playing when not using a Bipod



Fixed: Disabled American voices for non-American characters

Fixed: Duplicate CIV unit names



Fixed: Added correct destruction materials and models on multiple buildings

Fixed: Embassy_01 - wrong damage simulation

Fixed: Hanoi Station - LOD issues



Fixed: F-100 - altimeter not working correctly

Fixed: F-100 - random tail number not being set correctly

Fixed: F-100 and MiG-19 - disabled auto-zeroing

Fixed: F-4, F-100, and MiG-19 - aircraft weapon presets not assigning pylon weapons correctly in Master Arm module

Fixed: F-4 & F-100 - KIA animations

Fixed: CIA UH-1 - KIA animations

Fixed: M101 105mm Howitzer - LOD issues

Fixed: M113 - removed sound attenuation from turned-out front weapon station

Fixed: PT-76 - incorrect thermals

Fixed: Type 63 and PT-76B - incorrect decals

Fixed: UH-1 (multiple models) - incorrect fire geo material on tail

Fixed: UH-1D Dust-off - door actions not working correctly

Fixed: UH-1D Iroquois - FFV not set up properly

Fixed: UH-1D Iroquois Bushranger - pilot sight offset

Fixed: UH-1E Iroquois Heavy Gunship - co-pilot crosshair showing when crosshair is disabled

Fixed: Multiple vehicles - added missing zamerny memory point



Fixed: 9P111 Malyutka (AT-3) - AI did not fire the static

Fixed: H12 - impact spread over distance was too low

Fixed: Low variants of M1919A6 and MG42 now need only 1 backpack for assembly

Fixed: M1/2/3 Carbine added correct ammo mags

Fixed: M203 - incorrect zeroing leading to players being damaged at 50m ranging

Fixed: Mine Flares are no longer occasionally stuck in the sky

Fixed: Punji Trap (Side Whip Tripwire) - spawning as claymore model when placed in Zeus

Fixed: Punji Traps - Inconsistent naming

Fixed: Throwable Satchel - incorrect groundholder item

Fixed: VZ54 - incorrectField Manual description



Fixed: Incorrect naming of multiple assets



Fixed: Eldest Son 2 Task 08 description had incorrect direction indicator



Fixed: EMM - disabled RPT logs

Fixed: Radio support - Fix artillery delay when delay_max parameter not present in config

Fixed: Radio support - Fix support cost display being doubled for artillery supports

Fixed: Radio support - Add total available support score to the UI

Fixed: Radio support - projectile guidance causes performance issues

Fixed: Revive - hold action causing persistent screen overlay

Fixed: vn_ms_fnc_tracker_getHiddenPos not working correctly without -debug param

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S.O.G. Prairie Fire v1.3 changelog


New Content

Added: Singleplayer scenario variants of all Campaign Missions (01-08) for solo enjoyment, allowing proper saving and loading

Added: 2 new showcases for new 1.3 content

Added: Music 2 new tracks “Prepare For Battle” and “Tour Of Duty”

Added: Vehicle CH-47A Chinook with 2 model variants (Transport, Medical)

Added: Vehicle ACH-47A “Guns-a-Go-Go” Gunship

Added: Vehicle M48A3 “Patton” Main Battle Tank

Added: Vehicle M67A2 Flamethrower Tank

Added: Vehicle M125 Armoured Personnel Carrier with M29 Mortar

Added: Vehicle M132 Armoured Personnel Carrier with flamethrower

Added: Vehicle M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier with 2 model variants (Command, Medical)

Added: Vehicle “Dirt Ranger” with 6 model variants (Open, Closed, Medical, M60, M40A1, Twin M60)

Added: Vehicle M274 Mule with 5 model variants (Transport, Cargo, M60, M40A1, M134)

Added: Static M2HB Scoped with 2 model variants

Added: Vehicle MiG-21 PFM Fishbed-F with gunpod and fuel tanks

Added: Vehicle T-54B Main Battle Tank

Added: Vehicle OT-54 Flamethrower Tank

Added: Vehicle BTR-50 with 3 model variants (Transport, Medical, ZGU-1 Anti Aircraft)

Added: Vehicle BTR-40 - 3 new model variants (SGMB, Type 56 Recoilless Rifle, Type 53 Mortar)

Added: Static ZGU-1 AA gun

Added: Static M1910 Machinegun with 3 model variants

Added: Launcher M20A1B1 with HEAT and WP rounds

Added: Light Machinegun L4

Added: Rifle M1903 with rifle grenades, scope, camo wrap and bayonet

Added: Rifle M14A1 Shorty with 2 model variants with front sight accessory

Added: M1 Carbine Shorty (suppressed)

Added: Submachinegun L2A3 with 2 model variants

Added: Submachinegun L34A1 (suppressed) with 3 model variants including grenade launcher

Added: Suppressor for HP pistol

Added: M63a bipod

Added: Binocular item “SOG 35mm Camera”

Added: 4 Additional traps and mines: M18 Claymore and M18 Claymore with M34 WP with 10s fuzes

Added: Launcher magazine RPG2 with timed fuze for airburst

Added: Machinegun MG42

Added: Sniper Rifle SVD with scope and camo wrap

Added: Rifle K98k with scope, camo wrap and bayonet

Added: Rifle M36 with bayonet and camo wrap

Added: Assault Rifle AK

Added: Assault Rifle KBKG with rifle grenades

Added: Submachinegun Type 64 (suppressed) with 2 model variants

Added: Pistol Type 64 (suppressed)

Added: Pistol P38

Added: Pistol PPK and suppressor

Added: 14 New weapon accessories: 3 Bayonets (M1903 / K98k / M36); 4 Camo wraps (M1903 / SVD / M36 / K98k); 4 Optics (M1903, K98k, SVD, M14A1); 1 Bipod (M63a); and 2 suppressors (PPK, HP)

Added: Vest 6 USMC Flak Vest models

Added: Vest 3 USMC FORECON vest models

Added: Backpack 5 USMC M1941 packs

Added: Backpack 4 ARVN rucksacks

Added: Backpack T-10 with green parachute

Added: Headgear 7 New USMC M1 Helmets, in 2 colors each

Added: Headgear 3 New Beret variants for US MEDT

Added: Headgear 1 New SOG Boonie with Rebel Flag and 5 New variants of SOG Grey Boonie with/ without Rebel Flag

Added: Faction units FANK in 2 time zones (70 and 71 uniform/weapons)

Added: Faction units Khmer Rouge in 2 time zones (70 and 75 uniform/weapons)

Added: Faction units USMC in 3 time zones (66, 68 and 70 uniform/weapons)

Added: Units USMC Force Recon in 3 time zones (66, 68 and 70 uniform/weapons)

Added: Units US MEDT

Added: Unit Insignia 30 New Patches including the 195th AHC, USMC Advisors and Aviation, US MEDT and FANK

Added: Groups for all new factions and vehicles

Added: Prop Telephone

Added: Prop Typewriter

Added: Prop M43 Entrenching Tool

Added: Modules “Ambient Mines”

Added: Module to enable SOG camera photo saving

Added: Dried trees

Added: Hanoi Bridge Roadways


New Variants


Added: Vehicle Taxi variant (Boheme Bonn)

Added: Vehicle textures/decals for new units (UH-1D, M151)

Added: Headgear 6 additional variants for boonie hat models (ERDL green)

Added: MACV-SOG 3 additional units with new weapons

Added: Vehicle BTR-40 new textures

Added: XM177E2 with M203 grenade launcher and camo

Added: MAT-49 non-tracer magazine


Content Changes



Changed: Singleplayer scenario variant of all Campaign missions (01-08), have minimal changes to allow solo play, mainly to allow proper saving and loading

Changed: Adjusted solo play missions to be more balanced and playable also working with SOG AI mod (NOTE: The missions were designed to be played Co-op and it's still the recommended way to play them)



Changed: Added new bomb and debris sounds to support the sand effect of the new FX

Changed: EQ tweaks for various weapons like DP27, M60, RPD, M16, M38 fam, etc.

Changed: Guns overall are a little louder

Changed: Nearly all weapon firing sounds were overhauled or redesigned, but kept the original feel

Changed: Most reload animation sounds were reworked, less rustling of arms, better matched to the respective materials of the weapon

Changed: Tweaked gear movement sounds 

Changed: Heavier sounds for cannons and howitzers

Changed: New bullet hit sounds to be more aggressive and dangerous 

Changed: New crawling sounds when with gear

Changed: New realistic RPG2 and RPG7 fire sounds

Changed: New, heavy launcher sound for the M72 LAW

Changed: Overhauled interior weapon firing sounds to be more noisy and aggressive 

Changed: Reduced volume from BLU-82 bomb

Changed: The dart gun has new firing sounds out of water and new reload sounds

Changed: Tweaked environmental SFX to be more focused on the different times of day (Morning, Day, Evening, Night) 

Changed: Tweaked medium distance firing sounds 

Changed: Tweaked basic soft and solid boots footstep shaders 

Changed: Tweaked airburst shrapnel sound

Changed: Volume adjustment for howitzer clos- shot sounds 

Changed: Volume adjustment for DSHKM

Changed: Sound tweaks on miniguns 



Changed: Added newer mines to PAVN engineer and sapper packs

Changed: Added Cambodian names

Changed: Added new weapons classes to previous troops

Changed: PAVN Snipers now have correct headgear



Changed: Added "The Bra" map tag to SteamManagerConfig

Changed: Added concrete pads at railway crossings

Changed: Updates Ghost House to have internal stairs

Changed: Upgraded rice paddy water and oval craters



Changed: AH-1G Added 12x HE 10 and 10x HE17 rockets to M200 19x rocket pods for use on all pylons, updated MasterArm presets and included new HCAS pre-set

Changed: BTR-40 Geo LOD got updated

Changed: CH-34/ Mi-2/ OH-6A/ UH-1 added memory point and config to allow ACE3 fast roping

Changed: F4 - fixed small pilot compass and horizon indicator movements

Changed: F4 - restricted manual fire to pilot

Changed: F4/MiG-19/F-100 prevent afterburner usage during takeoff

Changed: MiG-19 reduced landing speed and stall speed slightly

Changed: OH-6A Advanced Flight Model /AFM) ground handling improvement

Changed: PT-76 removed mass from Geometry Phys LODs

Changed: Removed green cross from Opfor ambulance/medevac vehicles

Changed: Turrets M40A1 and Mk18 added flip-vehicle user action

Changed: Type 53 Mortar removed green channel heating which should not be present

Changed: Type 63 Mortar added two new decal schemes

Changed: ZiL-157 enabled data link sending for Radar Truck



Changed: Added new FX effects for different explosion sizes (60mm range, 80-85mm range, 105mm range and above, 500lb bombs, 1,000lb bombs, 2,000lb bombs, 15,000lb bombs)

Changed: Updated existing weapon crates with new weapons, items and magazines

Fixed: .38 Revolver and Model 10 aiming down sight

Fixed: Added bipod to M16 sniper rifle

Fixed: Added missing Zeus flare colours

Fixed: M1/M2 Carbines now correctly use .30 carbine ammo

Fixed: SKS CQB optics mode / SKS now uses a custom scope, no longer the one for the M91/30



Changed: 3DEN - added an attribute for vehicle flag raising to act as a template

Changed: MasterArm action reworked - added to vehicles instead of player units



Changed: File Photos and Fuel Can added property autocenter=0 so they can be used as proxy objects



Changed: Added campaign and showcases spotlights to main menu


Content Fixes



Fixed: Eldest Son II and Black Spear chinese translations

Fixed: 01 CO14 Eldest Son - LZ London - Helicopter lands into trees and rocks



Fixed: Missing firing sounds for the M75 grenade launcher on the OH-6A Cayuse

Fixed: Some minor sound issues and clicks

Fixed: Air Gatling/Cannon sounds



Fixed: Removed surplus items from vests

Fixed: Instant reload on spawning some AI rocket or grenadier units

Fixed: SVH4 Helmets UI still showing old Yellow Texture

Fixed: Vest - Army Rifleman (02) - Flashlight Issue



Fixed: Multiple missing strings

Fixed: Shed object on Hickory hill, Khe Sanh



Fixed: AH-1 fixed pedal positions so that both feet move together (AFM)

Fixed: AH-1 removed animation from stabilisers

Fixed: BLU82 Refactor to use projectile event handlers instead of particle script

Fixed: BTR-40 removed delay on sideport closing

Fixed: CH34 /OH-6A /UH-1 fixed pedal animations so that both pedals move together in correct directions (AFM only)

Fixed: CH34 copilot compass direction

Fixed: Civ Cars IKcurve entries to fix rpt error

Fixed: DShKM (low and armoured) fixed the naming of the disassembled bags

Fixed: F4 - manual fire issues on dedicated server

Fixed: F4 WSO name not appearing on the plane

Fixed: F4 afterburner was showing in distant LOD's even when off

Fixed: H12 HEF submunition models

Fixed: H12 disabled ability to disassemble

Fixed: M101 enabled hiding of ground clutter objects via Virtual Garage

Fixed: M60 - Muzzle Flash is inside the weapon

Fixed: M60 - Vehicle turret zoom inconsistency

Fixed: MiG-19 adjusted to more reasonable sensor ranges

Fixed: MiG-19 mass of AA2 missiles

Fixed: MiG-19 missing datalink

Fixed: MiG-19 naming of AT version

Fixed: MiG-19 typo in cockpit fuel warning

Fixed: Multiple missing camo entries, incorrect gun in groundholder, bipod classnames and multiple invalid mode fullauto_medium entries

Fixed: OH-6A corrected calibration of air speed display, and maxValue of torque display animation

Fixed: Parachutes - added two missing bones in the skeleton

Fixed: Type 63 Mortar fixed NVA roundel clipping on green “450” textureSource

Fixed: UH-1 removed animation from stabilisers

Fixed: ZiL-157 removed LOD 7 with MLOD textures



Fixed: .30 cal models were oversized

Fixed: Booby-trapped ammobox model 

Fixed: F1 magazine - no visible loaded bullets

Fixed: F1 magazines - inconsistent description

Fixed: F1 magazines - incorrect preview and model

Fixed: L1A1 missing context entry for prone right

Fixed: M14 - thermal inconsistencies

Fixed: Tracer count in M14 10 round mags

Fixed: MAT 49 VC incorrect mag classes

Fixed: MG42 (Low) - too long ammotype name, incorrect getout position, inconsistent assembly

Fixed: Multiple weapons - Magazines spawn too low

Fixed: Punji traps now have uniform naming

Fixed: Sling shadow on XM16E1 (All Variants) / M16 (All variants) 



Fixed: ANZAC pack shovel retextured

Fixed: Floating candle in tunnel on table

Fixed: Multiple missing strings

Fixed: Removed plastic bottles from garbage heaps

Fixed: Editor - Some objects missing appropriate icon



Fixed: Artillery support - error in transport add action remote executing

Fixed: Death Screen animated titles not hidden due to 2.10 update

Fixed: Issue with AI units not being moved out of the transport helicopter when it kicks out players

Fixed: Issue with artillery menu not closing if the player is killed

Fixed: holdAction - changes to use VN functions instead of overwriting BI ones


Mike Force updates


New Content

Added: S.O.G. Prairie Fire 1.3 weapons to the arsenal

Added: S.O.G. Prairie Fire 1.3 vehicles to the spawn points

Added: S.O.G. Prairie Fire 1.3 vehicles to FOB workshops

Added: Static weapon spawn points with M45 M101 ZPU etc.

Added: Mission parameter to scale the number of AI (and therefore difficulty)


Content Changes

Changed: Vehicles can now be changed when they're at their spawn point. Press '6' to change vehicle.

Changed: Minor changes to bases on Khe Sanh Cam Lao Nam and The Bra

Changed: Added a notification when counterattacks are failed

Changed: Altis Green Hornets base is now more compact


Content Fixes

Fixed: Zone progression rewritten to be more robust (fewer bugs)

Fixed: Headless clients should be much more effective at hosting AI (i.e, player performance will be better when running HCs)

Fixed: Vehicles should explode far less often when created at the workshop

Fixed: Vehicles should explode far less often when recovered at a wreck recovery point

Fixed: Wreck recovery point status should update correctly

Fixed: Team swapping no longer causes an error

Fixed: Altis now has headless client slots

Fixed: Failing to create marker when loading respawn points


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