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[RATS.ins] jujurat presents Port Lyautey, a 4km terrain that seeks to provide a playable, atmospheric, and engaging take on Port Lyautey, French Morocco during Operation Torch. Port Lyautey was one of the first territories of battle during the US' entrance to WW2. This terrain attempts to recreate that location and the areas around it in the approximate time period using real world data, and of course some fictional liberties taken to make the map playable for Arma. The terrain includes notorious locations such as the Kasba and the fated lighthouse, which held up the 9th Infantry Division during the storming of the beaches and subsequent control of the port.

Battle of Port Lyautey

The Battle of Port Lyautey began on 8 November 1942 for the city of Port Lyautey, today known as Kenitra, in French Morocco. The battle ended with its capture and occupation by American troops, overrunning French forces after more than two days of fierce fighting.


  • Beaches that were used in US landings.
  • Jungles and dry plains.
  • A few villages, the castle, light house.
  • A few trenches and defensive positions.
  • General terrain area that is miscellaneous enough to be used for multiple purposes.
  • Custom lighting config.
  • Real geographical infromation such as the heightmap, gathered from QGIS with the assistance of Adanteh's Game Terrain plugin.

Plans for the Future

I will likely polish this a tad more in the future.

Known Issues

  • The mask is not correct in some areas. This is due to more than five materials being used in a cell.
  • Trees/foliage on some roads.

These will be fixed in due time. Foliage can be easily hidden via the Hide Terrain Objects module in 3DEN.

Stats for Nerds

Cell Size 2

Credits and Thanks

For providing great information and help at times of need:
A3 Discord Terrain Channel
Bohemia Interactive

Current mirror: Steam Workshop.
I don't intend on uploading it to Armaholic, but if someone would like to do so, that's fine. Just use all of the information posted here. 🙂

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