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ALiVE Civilian Interaction & ACE/CBA

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For some reason, when I am in the editor, I test the mission as multi-player everything functions as it should, so when I get close to an Civilian I can scroll to interact.


But when I put it onto my dedicated server

, we can't use the Civilian interaction.


We noticed that a buddy which was using 2 different CBA versions (which made ACE disabled) was able to use the interaction but when he turned one of them off(doesn't matter which one) it enabled ACE again and the Civilian Interaction option is gone again..


Anyone has noticed this? Or anyone that is willing to help me?

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4 hours ago, pierremgi said:

Not really an Arma trouble!

Don't double post, in a wrong section.


Sorry, wasn't sure which category I had to post it

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