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[WW2] [EU/UK] [US ARMY] 5th Infantry Division

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About Us
The 5th Infantry Division was a division in the Second World War which primarily focused on Mechanised Infantry Warfare i.e using halftracks and light armour. This means we use lots of vehicles with many different purposes therefore there is a high variety of roles as we expand

Basic Information
Our unit is currently 2nd Infantry Regiment , 1st Battalion (Mechanised) we also incorporate 5th battalion (Medical) (we have plans to open up further as we expand)

Saturday 8:30 BST (UK time) - we open up the server early to get kit and gear sorted + plus sort any problems.

Any other trainings/specialisations can be arranged with our command staff and can be done when you are free

Time period and Country : WW2 / US army


Players :

We have about 10 - 15 active players atm but are slowly expanding, We are looking for folk to join as we are wanting to create a 2nd squad (US mechanised squad is 12 men).


We have a variety of roles and troops you can join:

2nd Infantry regiment 

5th Battalion Medical

    7th Battalion Combat engineers   

Joining Requirements
Age 15+ (mature)
Have a working microphone
Speak and understand English
Be able to regularly attend our Saturday events
Have a Copy of Arma 3

Our Milsim Level
We are a milsim unit who try's to follow tactics of a mechanised infantry unit but we can adapt to the task at hand. We are also more casual i.e we joke around at times and play other games outside of arma 3. But when the time comes we fight hard n follow orders. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CALL ANYONE "SIR" OR "SEARGENT" as we feel this is abit much and were here to have fun. We also try to be authentic to history as we can.

So you've reading this right now have a cup of tea, thanks for reading , and come check us out , your obviously interested. Hop in say high we can have a chat or answer any questions !


Discord : https://discord.gg/DaRTRgrFUs


Or add myself on steam :


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