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portable detectors

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yoo first of all great work vigor team. your game get's better and better.


i thought of an idea to nerve portables without limiting the amount of consumables.


when your location is pinpointed by a portable, the signal bounces back to it's origin. you get an alert, open your map, see where the signal came from and choose where to go from there, set up an attack or make an evasive maneuver

this way it's useless to bring 10 and hunt everyone down, destroying the server. yet you can still use one to your advantage.


i hope this idea helps all of you to find a good permanent solution!



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Why would you do that? Tracing a signal like that would require a computer not a radio. Plus if you're taking in ten detectors you are taking a serious risk loss. They are a tool like any other and despite being hard to get starting out they're better because they give awareness when your opponent has none. I've killed people using detectors before so they really aren't that overpowered.

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