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Music in-game

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I was wondering if I could get some help to put music in-game through triggers or something. Beacause i have a really good song id like to put into a mission. So if anyone could help there is much thanks wink.gif

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The following is something I got from someone else when I was struggling with music in game. The excerpt from the Description.ext is from one of mine. You'll need a converter that will convert from .wav to .ogg. I like DBPower amp. You can get it here. http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ You may also need the ogg plugin. Music can be very touchy the first time around like so many things in OFP. If you follow the instructions below and don't get any music try adjusting the volume in the Description.ext.

how to add music to your ofp missions:

1. get the song in .wav format

2. convert the song to .ogg format using an ogg

converter(.ogg is also known as vorbis).

Encoding must be Constant Bit Rate

Bit Rate can vary. 56K seems to be good quality without taking alot of disk space.

Channels must be set to mono (at least for .ogg files used for sound. .ogg files used for music can be in stereo)

Frequency must be set to 44100 Hz

Preserve ID tags is checked

Volume Normalization is not checked (actually..not sure if this matters)

3. make a folder in ofp/users/ yourname/ missions/ mission name/ and call it music

4. put the .ogg file(s) in it (music folder)

5. Take the description.ext file and replace the songs listed with your songs.

6. go into the trigger in the editor for your mission and choose the song, and its in your mission.

7. Below here is what a description.ext file looks like. This mission says that there will be no respawn and four songs will be available to add to your mission from this. Just copy the below in notepad or wordpad and save it as Description.ext. By the way if you want your mission to have respawn change the respawn= value to a 2 I believe. As far as the show compass, show notepad values the 1 simply means yes as opposed to a 0 meaning no. So if you don't want those objects to show in the briefing change their values to 0 now. Don't forget to save this to your users/ your mission folder right by your mission.sqm. When you go into the editor to save this badboy choose as user mission ( so you can always edit it again in this newest form) and save it again as mpmissions so its ready to go on the net WITH music!

The following configures description.ext for one song named JB007. If you need to up the volume put 50, 100 or whatever after db+

class CfgMusic


tracks[]= {JB007};

class JB007


name = "JB007";

sound[] = {\music\JB007.ogg, db+0, 1.0};



Good luck!

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