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Looking for DESIGNERS! "Create-Your-Own-Billboard!" to be featured in my Terrain.

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Hello! I'm Vectif (Rhaonoa on BI forums cuz no name change!), and I'm the developer of an upcoming unreleased Arma 3 Terrain called 'Straya', based loosely on the australian outback vibe. You can find some WIP pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/CrLMXss

I am looking for any graphic designers that would interested in a project solely for fun. I am soon to release an Arma 3 terrain and I'm looking for designers interested in making textures (fictional ads!) for billboards. You do not have to do anything other than the image, I will handle the .p3ds/models myself. You will be fully credited for your work, and are allowed to sign your own creations visually.

Images must be of your own intellectual work, and shall not contain anything other than in-game screenshots (unmodded unless you made the mods or contributed with explicit permission!) and any art/design you might do upon it or standalone. Images are to be done in 2048x1024px.

If you are interested please contact me over at Discord: Vectif#6895. Consider this the same idea that BI had for the Malden billboard contest some years ago! You can also find some inspirations and refference on their winners post or just look at some billboards in real life!
Cheers and looking forward to any designers interested!

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