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Jake Moreland

[HIRING][PAID] Custom US Army Uniforms and Gear

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Hello all,

I am looking to hire an experienced developer who is able to: create custom textures and create gear that's usable in-game.

I'm looking to create some of the following things:

  1. IHCWU Top and Bottom in OEF-CP/OCP.
  2. US Army Ballistic Combat Shirt in OEF-CP/OCP.
  3. US Army IOTV Generation 4 in OEF-CP/OCP.
  4. US Army Beret with the 2nd ID/23rd Infantry Regimental as the Beret Flash.
  5. US Army Helmet with the 2nd ID sewn on to the helmet cover.

Additional specific information:
For 1 and 2 - There will be no name tape patch, just velcro cover. There will be a US Army tape. There must be sewn on rank patches starting from RCT (E-0 in my unit, uses the TRADOC insignia) all the way to COL (O-6). For the left shoulder, the 2nd Infantry Division will be placed as the unit patch. I am also looking to add options for the RANGER, SAPPER, and COMBINED DIVISION (2ID) that can go above the unit patch. Reference images will be provided at developers request.

For 3 - Reference images can be provided. We're just looking to create some vests for various roles you would see an in an Infantry Rifle Company.

For 4 - Reference image can be provided for the 23rd Infantry Regiment flash.

For 5 - Reference image can be provided. I have some examples with the 3rd ID and 10th Mountain.

Additional remarks:
My unit is currently using "The ACU Project," however, we would like to expand on it and make it something more fitting for us to show off more stuff that we're looking for. The ACU Project does not have Patrol Caps with ranks on it nor does it have a beret with the unit that we are trying to emulate. I have not reached out to the ACU Project, yet, to make some custom requests and I decided to reach out to the larger Arma 3 community first to see if they could take a crack at what my unit is looking for. RHS USAF, obviously, has things we're using as part of our kits in game but we're trying to shoot for more "high speed" equipment that the Army is currently issuing to units. Look up the Soldier Protection System for more information, there you can find some reference images for stuff that I'm talking about currently.

Payment will be negotiated when we get an opportunity to talk to each other.

Last remarks:
I understand that this is an ambitious project request but I'm confident in the Arma 3 community. I'm just looking for someone who can also match my own ambitions.

Thanks in advance to any and all interested. My contact information is below:
Discord: Jingle#9275
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/kGbXkjuu3r
Steam: Profile is in the top left of this post.

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