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Team Killers on Elemination

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Hello Bohemia, I think my topic is meaningful enough.

I'll get to the point in a moment.


I think you should do something about the constant and pointless teamkill in the game mode "Elemination"! Of course it can happen that you hit or kill a TeamMade. But to be shot right at the beginning by the "own" ones and these 2-3 rounds kill you again?!

Until they get kicked after 3 rounds at a maximum of 5 rounds? Pointless and you don't even get any more experience.


You're more afraid of the team than of your opponents, because you can't even get that far and be shot by your own before!


You should introduce something that will punish the player. E.g. these minus points are evaluated in a negative teamkill points list. If the player has reached a certain amount of points by killing the team, this account is blocked for this season or loses experience points. And you have to shoot your own on purpose to get banned. So accidentally shooting a TeamMade is not a problem! So the game mode is no longer uselessly ruined.




sorry for my english = googletranslate

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