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Sync turret rotation to PilotCamera

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I'm trying to fix some issue related to a dual seater aircraft. The co pilot is the only "turret" defined, however, I would like it if the co pilot's camera is synced to the PilotCamera defined for the driver. In fact, it would be great if the turret couldnt be moved by the co pilot at all, I have a scripted approach for that, but for now, I'm trying to have the turret synced to the PilotCamera.

Any tips?

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You can use something like this


        // TADS
        class DriverOpticsIn
            class Wide
                hitpoint             = Hit_Optic_TADS;
                camPos                = GunnerView;
                camDir                = gunnerview_dir;
                opticsDisplayName    ="W";
                initAngleX            = 0;
                minAngleX            = -30;
                maxAngleX            = 30;
                initAngleY            = 0;
                minAngleY            = -100;
                maxAngleY            = 100;
                initFov                = 0.456;
                minFov                = 0.456;
                maxFov                = 0.456;
                directionStabilized    = 0;
            class Medium: Wide
                directionStabilized    = 1;
                opticsDisplayName    = "M - Stabilized";
                initFov                = __EVAL(0.7/12);
                minFov                = __EVAL(0.7/12);
                maxFov                = __EVAL(0.7/12);
                opticsModel            = "\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_a2port_air\ah64\gunnerOptics_ah64_2";
            class Narrow: Medium
                opticsDisplayName    ="N - Stabilized";
                opticsModel            ="\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_a2port_air\ah64\gunnerOptics_ah64_3";
                initFov                = __EVAL(0.7/32);
                minFov                = __EVAL(0.7/32);
                maxFov                = __EVAL(0.7/32);


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