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eXile Number Row '4' not functioning properly

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im not sure what may have or have not happened, but i went away on a vacation for about 2 weeks.   i came home yesterday and pending my checking of any hotfixes or updates that came down the pipe.     Number Row '4' is supposed to put away whatever weapon or device is in your hands,  but,  now,  surprisingly its acting like im pressing '1' instead and kicks back to my primary weapon.  even with binocs, Ranging or designators it kicks back to the primary weapon. 

I checked my keyboard,  and its working fine,  4 does not cross type a 1, and vice versa.

Anyone know of any recent change or update,  in addition to fixes for this?  

ive tested it on 4 servers and it does the same thing,  B&H eXileMod being the primary server i play on.  

also, what does '4' trigger keybind wise, i see it says "Select Weapons Group 4" and i confirmed no dupe binds or cross bindings in my controls + expansion controls.    i may bite my tongue and default my entire control set, but,  its weird that i have had this control set i use for nearly 6 years,  i go away on a vacation and suddenly one keybind is now acting strange. 

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you would probably have best luck with answers by contacting Exile devs on their Discord server.

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