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The Seige


a Vanilla Multiplayer mission i made for while since there isnt much new missions to play or post but i had free time and i made this mission since i got school to do and ramadan is close 


the objective is


Seize the outpost

Attack a farm

Destroy 2 Vulcan's

and Seize enemy's Strong Hold near Lipany


Known Issues :


there was a problem in the fourth objective's marker in the Breifing since it was Linked with another objective so the Stronghold is located near Lipany which is marked on the map


i didnt have much time to use other website to upload the video (by the discord link is related to a file of the mission and im not sure if i can show you how to launch it)

if you have questions or bugs then just ask me here ★彡[SCAR]彡★#3775#3775 in discord or just make a reply to this topic

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