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Hello, it's over a week i'm searching through the internet to find a solution for my problem with no luck at all.
I'm trying to make a Seize mission using the seize module, which is the favourite gamemode we play with friends, but even if i sync GM units to zeus addon module, the infantry units aren't working at all, when i access the Zeus interface as a debug i can only place vehicles but not infantry.
Please help, attached to the post the editor version for the mission.

Download sample mission

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Ok NVM i've just figured out the fact that if i place costs modules synced to Curator module synced to the Seize module, the curator will not work as intended (no units shown) and i'm pretty sure this is BIS fault and not CDLC devs fault.
If i clear out all of the costs modules the curator just works perfectly, but the Seize module will not work because it needs costs to be set.

With the curator module only and a bunch of GM units synced to Manage addons module, everything works perfect and i can have a perfectly working GM only Zeus mission without any other addon involved, included Vanilla A3 ones

Too bad BIS before selling things you really be sure every single thing must perfectly work whithin the platform, i mean all of your modules, all of your game stuff and be sure it will be perfectly integrated with CDLC which are payware and not just common mods.
What makes me bothered is should i buy future CDLC that i'm very afraid they will not work 100% whithin A3 platform?
Nice question here.

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