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I wanted HMDs for the West German helicopters from Global Mobilization, so I've made a small compatibility patch for Kimi's HMDs Mod. I was going to keep this as an in-house mod for my group, but I figured there's more than a few people that might find this useful.


Adds HMDs for the following GM helicopters:


West Germany,
- CH-53G

- CH-53GS
- VBH-1

- VBH-1A1

- VBH-1A1 Swooper
- PAH-1

- PAH-1A1


I don't intend on adding the East German or Polish helicopters, but I may if it is requested.


This is my first mod release for ArmA 3, so please if anything isn't working correctly (especially MP functionality, as I haven't been able to test that yet) let me know!


Thanks to,
- Kimi, HMDs Mod
- Vertexmacht, Global Mobilization
- Bohemia Interactive, for obvious reasons...


Steam Workshop:



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