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how to deal with campers and cheaters

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this game has become cheaters paradise big-time on the ps4

if they open cross play with pc users you might as well close the game down.

cross play is not worth it.


first problem with this game is dealing with campers at the exit  this is way big problem.


easy way round this is by rebound damaged anyone camping at the exit and tries to kill you.

they get killed automatic and lose there loot.



there also people using aim bots devices in the game they are getting perfect head-shots all the time or there weapons fires high rate beyond what it should do.


the device is called Cronus Zen with auto aim and rapid firer.


at this moment  there is way to many cheaters in this game

that are spoiling it for the non cheaters.



deal with it or close the game down



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But if you know they are at an exit... why not try killing them first?


It csn be super annoying... but it's part or the strategy of playing a game with other humans and their stratagies.


The unpredictability is what makes this game so replayable!


They shouldn't shut down the game just because you don't like it.


Learn where the camp spots are and outsmart them. 😉👍

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On 4/22/2021 at 2:28 AM, Salvatore Ferro said:

They are no such things as aimbots on console. Either lucky or skilled players.


sadly there are,



29 april om 08:33 ·

Due to popular demand, a new GamePack for "Vigor" is now available to download for free in Zen Studio. Mods includes Anti-Recoil for 3 Profiles, Aim Assist & Aim Assist Plus, Rapid Fire, Dynamic Rapid Fire, Crouch Shot, Strafe Shot, QuickScope, Sniper Breath, Auto Ping, Auto Reload, Turbo Melee and More!



chronus is a cheating/hacking tool that ruins games. vigor shouldn't shut down the game,  sony has to block chronus.


campers are a part of vigor. some players just want to be that kind of outlander. and lets be fair. it's a pretty realistic choice. i hate them but it's also why i love this game.

the best choice to balans this part of the game is to let the bushes and little trees rustle when you sit in them. like the twigs and leaves. but whatever, just start a new round and be done with it haha exitcampers, bushwookies, treehuggers. they don't always get you. you can mess with them and it's really funny because they are deathserious about their campingaction.


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Campers are a pain in any game but in this one especially. Still if I know you have an air drop and you're coming to an exit you're an easy target so why wouldn't you for the extra XP? I don't do it often but say the... last to exit challenge. I'm going to sit there and wait just because I have to do the challenge so why not get a kill out of it?

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Lets be honest, it's a legitimate strategy and my daily challenges the last three days have been "kill X amount of outlanders with a rifle" - So, sorry, but i'm going to do some camping until i get that challenge, normally i don't do it, but it's the easiest way to get the challenge.


I used to think they were evil, but i've learnt where they're likely to be, i take detectors out with me and then sneak up behind them and shoot them in the head, much more fun 😈


Have fun out there, that's what it's about...



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