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2035. As a result of past decisions by the member states, the establishment of a joint European armed force was carried out. The newly formed European Army is based on the standardisation of military equipment as the main factor for increasing efficiency. It incorporates all the military branches needed to defend itself against external interests.



European Armed Forces 2035 is a standalone mod inspired by IndeedPete's EUROFORCE mod. The content will currently only contain retextures and custom layouts.


European Armed Forces 2035

Editor name: EUEAF

Side: Independent


AddOns required: Arma 3 Apex, Arma 3 Contact


Roadmap / Table of content

(everything still WIP and may change over time)


EUEAF (Main Modul)


Patch 83IFu1Ls.png Combat Patch TgQJCUSs.png


General Progress

Comment: The coding is mostly finished (still needs to be improved here and there), which will speed up the implementation progress and now mainly content will be added.

Code/config stuff: ~90%

Textures: ~75%

Adding Content: ~85%

Localisation: ~60%


Content / Status

Anti-Air / done

APCs / done

Artillery / done

Boats / done

Cars / ~60% (Prowler no custom textures, Trucks can be improved)

Crew / ~75% Fighter Pilot/ Pilot gear needs to be done, Helicopter pilot/crew needs improvment

Drones / ~90% K40 texture needs to be improved / maybe customs names to be added

Helicopters / ~70% customs names, texture improvments

Infantry / done

Infantry (Camo) / done

Infantry (Combat) / done

Infantry (Recon) / done

Infantry (Recon, Combat) / done

Planes / ~20% only content have been added so far,

Tanks / ~90% room for texture improvments

Turrets / done

Weapon Teams CSW / done

Weapon Teams CSW (Camo) / done

Weapon Teams CSW (Combat) / done


To be added



Planing phase

Marines / 90%

EUnion Guard / started to working on a concept


EUEAF (Desert)


Planing phase


EUEAF (Woodland)


Planing phase


EUEAF (Snow)


Planing phase







Credits to all mods used in screenshots.




Q: Release Date?

A: When its done (aiming for Q2-Q3 2021, not set in stone)


Q: Do you looking for help?

A: As my 2D skill are rather bad, I could use some help with the following things:

1. Unitpatches (final/ Templates pref. as xcf (Gimp)) - CoA/ EU member states flags etc.

2. vehicle textures (final/ Templates pref. as xcf (Gimp)) - mainly Air units Jets, VTOL etc., this texture/skins don´t have to be real skins, as this is ficitonal scenario

3. Some cool customs unit names for Jets, VTOL, Helicopters and maybe Infantry ranks (can be ficitional) based on European names/places etc.

4. Customs Mod-Logo Arts



- IndeedPete (Camo´s and Texture templates)

black-light-studio Hexatal Camo Concept


End User License Agreement


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You literally have no idea how happy you made me 😄


I can't wait to send the guys into the field!

Now, there is something I simply have to ask: Because as much as I love the vanilla content, as well as your decision to not overload this project with tons of mods, but is there a chance that you may in the future include things like CUP's Tatra trucks, Boxer and Dingo?(maybe in the shape of an additional module?)  ...I just ask because it would give the faction a tad bit more of an european look. If it's outside the scope of your project, then so be it. I am already happy and hyped enough as it is 😄


The best of luck with this project

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I personally would like to expand the faction behind the vanilla stuff and would like to add boxer or extra stuff like a RMMV HX 8x8 trucks, jets, helicopters also weapons to make it feel more like a real European army but that's out of my scope atm.

You have to load external mods separately. If it helps I tried to give the vehicles european names 😂.

For the reason you mentioned above. I dont want to overload the mod and I feel that the Arma 3 DLC is enough for now. I try to make it as accessible as possible.
But I have also been thinking about a separate module. Currently the focus is on vanilla and bring this mod out.


Thank you😀


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this a really cool idea! I was thinking if there is anyway I could help out? 

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