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Yet another "My mic isn't working in Arma3" post

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My mic isn't getting detected by Arma3.

It's set to be the only sound device in Windows 10.

It's set and working in Steam voice chat

The sound comes in through the headset.

Pushing the push to talk button displays the channel to which I would be speaking if they could hear.


Any help you could offer would be appreciated.


Rizen5 3600 + Sapphire Pulse 5600xt + 16 GB Ram                                     - $550+ 

Arma3 and DLC                                                                                                    - $150+

Corsair Void RGB Wireless Headset                                                                 - $80

Still not being able to play Arma3 because it can't detect my mic              - Priceless.





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Do you have a microphone lying around that uses a 3.5mm jack you can test something with?  Or does your setup have a headset 3.5mm port instead of/on top of the headphones and microphones ports? 

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