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Crew Resource Management is an Arma 3 mod dedicated to improving the experience of operating multi-crew aircraft. Currently only supports selected helicopters from Vanilla/RHS USAF.



  • Give flight crews the tools they need to work together
  • Reduce pilot workload
  • Make the copilot a valuable asset




  • Improved Control Handoffs
    • Adds keybind to take control of aircraft
    • Control handoffs always initiated by person taking controls
    • Ensures safe & efficient handoff
  • Waypoint Management:
    • Allows copilot to set waypoints for pilot using ACE interaction menu
    • Pilot/copilot must be in same group
    • Waypoints can be set via map click or where copilot is looking
  • Pilot/Co-Pilot HMD
    • Adds HMD to pilot and copilot seat of selected aircraft
    • Displays waypoints and copilot pipper
    • Contributes to shared situational awareness of pilot/copilot
    • Can be configured via keybind & ACE interaction menu
    • Based on Kimi's HMD (used with Kimi's Permission)
  • Enhanced Autohover for AFM
    • Adds altitude hold mode in which collective is set automatically in order to reduce vertical speed to 0
    • Can be used in conjunction with vanilla autohover to keep aircraft in a static hover



  • Do NOT use with Kimi's HMD mod, as the HMD functionality will conflict




  • ACE3
  • CBA


Where to Get it:


Steam Workshop

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This mod ahs some excellent features for pilots, but I have noticed a bug where ACE fast roping no longer works with this mod enabled. Is there a fix or a work around? 


Thank You in Advance

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