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The video start for 2 seconds and then game "crashed" on desktop (in lower tab with another programs Arma 3 missed but in Task Manager still running).


I use this in init.sqf ---

nul = player execVM "initvideo.sqf";


initvideo.sqf --- 

24 cutText [ "Tralala" , "BLACK OUT" ];
sleep 2 ;
_video = [ "pimp.ogv" ] spawn bis_fnc_playVideo ;
waitUntil { scriptDone _video };
sleep 4 ;
24 cutText [ "" , "BLACK IN" ];
hint "video over" ;



Im new and just learn so this is taken from forums and videos so if you can help.


Thanks 🙂



Edit: All .sqf and video is in same folder with mission.

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You gotta check with another video so as to see if the video is to blame too. 

And the 24 cutText why the 24? First time I saw that one.

Also waitUntil { scriptDone _video }; which is the _video script? I believe that should be the name of the script like this:

intro_video = [] execVM "intro.sqf";    
waitUntil {scriptDone intro_video};

Hope the above helps. Have not released a mission for like 8 months or so. Can't concentrate enough so I just make some addonish content.

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