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My ongoing thoughts and ideas for vigor (will update)

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1. Once a player enters the "exit zone" (IE: once they go past the 1st set of orange markers but before the one that starts the exit timer) they should be live pinged on the map until they either leave the map or leave the exit zone. Exit campers need to be dealt with. Priority #1. (gameplay wise .. bugs always come first)


2. Executions to replace the useless "melee" mechanic we currently have. Basically go youtube search manhunt by rockstar games. Thats what we need. Base the type/severity of the execution on the rarity of knife you are carrying. Using a, say white puukko knife it's 1 jab to the ribs compared to a wicked gruesome stab in the back followed by an ear to ear throat slice using golden level  "the john" knife. Voila, just like that knives have purpose in this game and everyone would have one in their loadout "just in case" that sly execution situation presents itself.

Literally a gamechanger. Think about it. 


3. AI animals in heavily wooded type areas of the map. Bears, coyote, wolf,. elk ... 1 or 2 types per map, not a many .. but have them as AI walking some bot line back and forth, maybe even the ability to attack outlanders, especially campers & as outlanders we can choose to make noise and hunt them (for food donation to the charity box of course) or stay silent. I think this could really be an amazing addition .. would add more things to "shoot at" without having to try and increase "human player" size per encounter (as I feel vigor is capped out as is with the servers as they are for now)


4. Speaking of AI, why not have an option to "turn on" AI controlled scarecrows in the shooting range? Nothing sophisticated ... just some scarecrows walking BOT type paths back and forth in the range. Just a human shaped moving target for practice. If wizard of oz could do it ...


5. Speaking of the shelter .. OMG don't get me started! But since I am, it's so good ... but it could be so much more ... more arcade machines with simple addictive games. You have no idea what a chance you have here to keep ppl leaving this app open longer if you would add more simple addictive games on the arcade machine. A noncopyright version of tetris? Pac man? Pong? etc etc ... think about that.


6. Speaking of side games ... that dartboard on the wall NEEDS to be playable. Get on that asap. Thanks. Someone on that team loves darts I know it.


7. Why cant we queue up more than 1 weapon/consumable to be crafted at a time?? If we have the sufficient amount of materials please let us queue up multiples! 


8. Crafting time & cost of multiple weapons needs adjusting. For example .. how can the mp5 and adr cost the same & take the same amount of time to craft? It makes no sense. mp5s cost and build time should be significantly lower than the ADR given their stats. Just one example.


9. Scoped Kar98. Nuff said.


10. Any "throwables" introduced to the game should take the form of consumables and be "thrown" the same as a mortar strike is used ... L1, pick the frag/smoke/stun whatever u introduce .. set the throw zone same as a mortar and "throw" ... I dont see the "on the fly" throwing mechanic of say "COD" working within vigor.


11 ... to be continued ...actual kill to death ratio instead of this weird KPE ratio .. I sometimes run 20 encounters to grind loot and dont fire a shot.. why punish that stat because I'm doing a honest part of the game?? Makes no sense. Kill to deaths ratio makes far more sense.  clan tags, ability to change in game name, clan shelter with shared assets, ability to mix and match cosmetics - ie hats over goalie masks and balacalavas  and such ...


I wanna talk about more of these later ... hopefully some of these ideas sound good to some of you outlanders. "Heiiiiiii! Hey!" waves

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