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This spawns a loudspeaker at the Altis Terminal trader that plays music up to 350 meters. Sound is 3D so it is louder outside buildings and gets
harder to hear farther away you move from the speaker.


The location of the loudspeaker
can be changed in the LoudSpeaker.sqf by using editor to get all the necessary cordinates and plugging them into the correct locations.

If you understand code you can add your own sound files by adding necessary information into the playList.hpp and LoudSpeaker.sqf
then adding in .ogg sound into music folder.


Songs are chosen randomly but the same song is heard by everyone in the area. If you join and do not hear a song playing you will have to wait
about 5 minutes before you hear the music becuase the current song was remote executed before you joined and since you were not on you cant hear it
but when the next song starts you will hear it because you were connected when server remote executed it for you to hear. this applies also if you
dissconnect and rejoing you will have to wait for next song to start hearing the music.

Need support feel free to contact Crito at our discord https://discord.gg/WEFzqPa


You can get the script here https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Crito-s-Loudspeaker


This is not a final copy it will be improved upon over time. First improvement in works is the way it is activated.

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