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Custom Explosives Questions

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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to modding and I made a custom explosive mod and most things are working fine but I have a couple of questions. 


I have something like a bomb satchel that's a remote bomb, and I'm wondering what the different options on certain commands do.


Is there a list of the different explosions that can be used in the ExplosionEffects field I've found some obviously, but is there a reference list anywhere?

 triggerWhenDestroyed is something I've seen in the CUP mods but can't find anything out about it. I assume enabling it causes the bomb to trigger when destroyed but doesn't seem to do anything.


My bombs show up under Magazines, instead of explosives how do I setup my cfg weapons so they appear under explosives.


class CfgWeapons
    class Default;
    class Put: Default
        class PutMuzzle;
        class PipeBombMuzzle: PutMuzzle
            magazines[] = {"SuitcaseBombMag","SuitcasePipeBomb_Mag"};

Figured that part out


Thanks for any help. 



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