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NoPop Targets - for the Firing Drill afficionados!




Since Arma 3 patch 2.02 it's possible to create your own Firing Drills. However, the process requires manual editing of mission.sqm file, and changing target entities availalble in Eden Editor to their "NoPop" variants which are hidden by default. This addon unlocks "NoPop" targets in the editor, placing them in separate "Targets (NoPop)" subcategory.


With this addon you can easily make new Firing Drills without unnecessary messing with the text files. Your Firing Drill can then be released on Steam Workshop, requiring the NoPop Targets addon, or you can manually remove any entries regarding this addon in mission.sqm, for a completely vanilla Drill - which is still easier than replacing class names of many targets.



  1. create your own Firing Drill according to the official guide,
  2. publish it on Steam Workshop and add NoPop Targets as requirement.


  1. open your mission.sqm file in text editor and remove entries regarding "A3_Structures_F_Training_NoPop" (this addon) from addons[]={} array and class AddonsMetaData,
  2. publish your Firing Drill on Steam Workshop without unnecessary requirements.

Note: this addon doesn't modify the behaviour of Arma 3 target objects - whether they are "NoPop" variant or not. The only config changes are related to "scope" parameters and Eden subcategory. It is completely safe to play Firing Drills (vanilla or otherwise) with this addon loaded.


  • Bohemia Interactive Studios,
  • krzychuzokecia - config changes and repackaging.



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Great job, anyway

nopop = true;

is enough most of the time.

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@Cysiu well, nope if you want to make a Firing Drill using BI module.* According to the guide:



all targets need to use their hidden NoPop variant


When you look into the config files, NoPop variants of targets lack any EventHandlers. That's probably because all the scripting is applied by Firing Drill module, so it would conflict with target's default EHs. Now, I don't really understand why devs decided to introduce additional variant of the target objects, instead of using removeEventHandler command. Additionaly, some of the target types (clay, steel plates) require placing with non-standard attributes, like simulation off.


In other news: just noticed I haven't unlocked NoPop variants of balloons, oranges, pumpkins and Miller's Essence - apparently those are hidden in other places than _structures_f_training and _structures_f_mark_training, so there's going to be an update when I find those.


* When I made my firing drill using custom scripts (way before patch 2.02), I naturally used the "nopop" variable. BI system has some limitations (or I haven't found out how to utilize it in more complex courses), but it's way easier to make playable drill than to script it manually.

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