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    Idk what is going on with the lighting in the game but no matter what game mode I am in at the beginning of every match I have to adjust the brightness and contrast. I cant seem to find a setting that will cover day/night and snow/grass. It's all over the place.

    Once in awhile in eliminations I accidently kill a teammate because their name tag blends in with the snow and then I get killed by them because they think I am being a jerk but there isn't game chat so I can't explain myself. 😕 


    Most days the depth of field is all over the place and I can't identify a player because they blend in so well with whatever they are standing in front of. For example, earlier today in Elims three people were standing against the wall of the plane and it wasn't until one of them ran into the snow that I realized someone was there.

They could be standing right in front of me, in broad daylight, and I can't see the details of their outfits. They have pretty much been a dark silhouette this whole time no matter what I do to the in game setting and my T.V. settings.

      I am pretty much forced to rely on my audio and even then if I hear someone crawling around I can't figure out where they are. I can't see 10ft in front of my character because of the shadows and the way everything just blends in together. 


     Does anyone else experience this?  I know it isn't just my T.V. because my boyfriend has a 4k monitor and he deals with the same issues. I enjoy playing your game but I get so frustrated because I can't do anything to make the experience visually better. I really need you to address these issues so I can stop rage quitting and start having fun again. 

    Thanks, Kd.



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This is on PS4 btw. I have some pictures so I can show you what I am dealing with but I am new to this and don't k ow how to post them. Smh. 

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