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Modception: Adding mods to mods

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Looking to build my own mod and I’m trying to understand some structuring. I know this isn’t an Exile forum, but I don’t believe this question really pertains to Exile, per se, so I’m hoping this will be an easy one. Using Exile as a template for learning. 

Inside the mod, the structure is laid out like this:

@ ExileMod > addons > numerous pbo’s (assets, client, and many model pbo’s for cars/bikes/planes).

NOTE: in the initial folder where ‘addons’ is located, there is also a config.bin file. 

So here’s my main question (the first of many I’m sure):

if I were to create a vehicle pack, for example, of vehicles I’ve created, how would I go about installing them into the main mod? I don’t want to create an external addon, I want the models and items to be included in the mod itself. Is it possible to do like a ‘#include /myvehicles/config.bin’ in the appropriate place in the mod’s main config? Or am I way off base here? I say this because I can’t imagine that just putting the models pbo’s in the main folder will just automatically activate. 

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