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[SP][COOP] Operation Vandal

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You are an E-2 USMC Rifleman, part of a Marine Rifle Platoon. You've been involved in yet another political "humanitarian intervention" in a country you'd rather see on your home TV set than up close.
NATO is losing ground and support among the Baltic states of the former Soviet Union. Some states have become openly hostile to the West. This trend must be put to an end before NATO loses strategic military installations near the border of the Russian Federation. The democratic process that lead to this situation must be put aside for the sake of the interests of the United States government.
You will form part of a "tip of the spear" expeditionary force, ostensibly tasked with providing relief for refugees fleeing from the internal conflict of the area. Your real mission, however, will be to make certain that the Russians don't find an opportunity to exploit this recent chain of events.
The first phase of this operation will be to secure a beachhead and landing zones for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. In order to accomplish this goal you must clear the area from your initial insertion point to the village of Harju to the north. Adapt and overcome.



















  • NPCs who will chat with you, give you instructions and report certain developments.
  • Enemy units can be made to surrender through overwhelming force, injury, suppressive fire, being surrounded or a combination of all of these things.
  • Dynamic artillery that can be called in by AI and will take time to sight itself in before firing a barrage.
  • Semi-Dynamic airstrikes using several different munitions.
  • Not heavily dependent on cutscenes, scripts or invisible walls so you have decent freedom to do as you see fit. No playthrough will be identical and many things are left up to a combination of random chance and skill, much like real life.

Gameplay Tips:


  • Listen to your squad leader and follow the waypoints he sets. If he dies you may have to take over for him, or another AI will.
  • The enemy is very good at sneaking up on you and it is hard to tell friend from foe.
  • Watch out for flanking maneuvers and enemy reinforcements.
  • You will not be punished for killing civilians or prisoners. War is hell. Do what you need to do to survive.
  • Even if things seem completely hopeless never give up. If you feel overwhelmed fortify your position and hunker down. Your comrades are doing their best to bring their vessels close enough to shore to support you even further. It may just save your life.
  • The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  • If an enemy decides to surrender make sure that you disarm him as soon as you can, handcuff him if possible. Make sure you treat him like a real prisoner. Deprive him of his radio and move him away from the battle or simply execute him. Otherwise he may try to give your position away or pick his weapons back up and return to fighting when you least expect it.
  • Captured enemies are considering the same as dead enemies for the sake of capturing a zone, so there is no need to execute them to advance the mission.



  • It was designed for SP, but I added slots so that it can be played in COOP as well. You won't see the intros/outros though and some things may be broken or not work properly. I'll try to improve this if I can.  Please report any problems in MP.
  • The main mission is incredibly long and can be extremely difficult. Depending on your play-style it could take up to three hours. I added as many save points as possible.
  • I made this entire thing in less than 24 hours, start to finish. It is still heavily a WIP. It started as an experiment and morphed into something interesting, so I decided to publish it for feedback.
  • There is a small intro, the main mission, and two small outros depending on whether you win or lose. These will only show in singleplayer.
  • This may be made into a full campaign, but it is uncertain.
  • I neglected to add in a real-life OPREP or proof-read dialogue to make it "legit". I plan to do this in the next update. Don't expect it to be 1:1 with a real military action, but the OOB should be close enough to real life for it to be believable. Every unit's rank should be more or less appropriate for their MOS/Rate. Forces generally (loosely) adhere to modern USMC OOB and enemy forces adhere to generic Soviet client-state OOB.

Important Message:
The required addons are barebones. Here's the full modlist that I used when making the mission and when playing it, which gives the best experience possible. I highly recommend that you use it not only with this mission, but in general:
None of the mods conflict and they should enhance your game greatly with no added lag.
I also recommend the mod "Unit Voiceover for RHS" in addition to the above:
It works perfectly fine with this mission and adds a lot of immersion.


Please let me know about any problems, glitches, inaccuracies, dislikes, complaints, suggestions and so forth so that I can learn from my mistakes and improve things. Thank you!

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