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I have a problem with my config.cpp.

I want to create a mod in which I add functions to the function library.

I have already looked at and tried many posts and github mods, but all variants end up with the same problem.

The functions are not found after Arma start. (Warning Message: Script beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save\fn_dbSaveAct.sqf not found)




I will now enter a variant as an example that seems to me the most sensible of the approx. 40 variants that I have tried.



class CfgPatches {
    class beo_mod_serv_db {
		author = "MBMC";
        requiredAddons[] = {};
        requiredVersion = 0.1;
        units[] = {};
        weapons[] = {};

class CfgFunctions {
	class mbmc {
		class beo_mod_serv_db_save {
			file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save";      // I forgot the addons\ folder

			class dbSaveAct{};
			class dbSaveAm{};
			class dbSaveAmPylon{};
			class dbSaveBui{};
			class dbSaveCargo{};
			class dbSaveFiller{};	
			class dbSaveFobObj{};	
			class dbSaveGarage{};
			class dbSaveGearVeh{};	
			class dbSaveLoc{};
			class dbSaveMark{};
			class dbSaveMarkUser{};	
			class dbSaveMhq{};
			class dbSaveMineF{};	
			class dbSaveSani{};
			class dbSaveSup{};
			class dbSaveVar{};
			class dbSaveVeh{};	
		class beo_mod_serv_db_save_ini {
			file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save\ini";   // I forgot the addons\ folder

			class dbIniAryNum{};	
			class dbIniArySize{};	
			class dbIniD{};	
			class dbIniDelete{};	
			class dbIniM{};		
			class dbIniS{};
			class dbIniSave{};
			class dbIniSin{};		
		class beo_mod_serv_db_load {
			file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\load";  // I forgot the addons\ folder
			class dbLoadAct{};
			class dbLoadAm{};
			class dbLoadAmPylon{};
			class dbLoadStatic{};
			class dbLoadBui{};
			class dbLoadCargo{};
			class dbLoadComp{};	
			class dbLoadFiller{};
			class dbLoadFlag{};
			class dbLoadFob{};
			class dbLoadGarage{};	
			class dbLoadLoc{};
			class dbLoadMain{};
			class dbLoadMark{};
			class dbLoadMarkFin{};
			class dbLoadMhq{};
			class dbLoadMis{};
			class dbLoadSani{};
			class dbLoadSup{};	
			class dbLoadVeh{};	

		class beo_mod_serv_db_load_ini {
			file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\load\ini";  // I forgot the addons\ folder

			class dbIniL{};
			class dbIniLd{};
			class dbIniLm{};
			class dbIniLmd{};	
			class dbIniLoadUser{};	
			class dbIniLs{};		



Mod Structure:


@beo_server >> addons >> beo_serv_db >>


inside folder "beo_serv_db":

  • config.cpp
  • folder name: fnc


inside folder "fnc":

  • folder name: save >> lot of functions: fn_dbSaveAct,fn_dbSaveAm,fn_dbSaveAmPylon..... etc. and another folder: ini >> also lot of functions: fn_dbIniAryNum,fn_dbIniArySize.....etc 


  • folder name: load >> lot of functions: fn_dbLoadAct,fn_dbLoadAm,fn_dbLoadAmPylon.....etc. and another folder: ini  >> also lot of functions: fn_dbIniL,fn_dbIniLd......etc


I test it also with only one function in only one fnc folder but I cant get it to work. 

https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Functions_Library#:~:text=Arma 3 Functions Library is,Functions manager to be present.

In this wiki post I test both variants File Path and Folder Path but same results.

I create the mod with Arma 3 Tools and Addon Builder.


I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.







After another 2 days of testing, I found the solution. So if anyone has the same problem here is the solution:




I forgot the "addons" folder. So the file path must be:

file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save";

file = "addons\yourModPBOname\FolderOfYourFunctions\SubFolderIfYouNeed";

So this post can be closed.


Edited by MBMC
found the solution

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