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[WIP] MIL Kneeboard with CAS 9-Line Proforma

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(currently only utilising the CAS 9-line component)


This is a mod that is being created to be used as a configurable kneeboard for ArmA pilots. I've been making it to be used with my Air Combat System (under development) and back when I was making that with vanilla assets the kneeboard also included tab data on all vanilla aircraft weapon systems. However, as I've now converted that mission into a fully modded affair, I've cut the vanilla tab data away and will be replacing it data on weapon systems used by Firewill's aircraft. But that's for another day.





- This should only be required client-side, insult/abuse/throw money at me if I'm wrong.

- Run this command on any client that is to have access to the kneeboard (ideally in initPlayerLocal.sqf or onPlayerRespawn.sqf if using respawns):

nul = [] spawn MIL_fnc_Kneeboard_AddAction;

- Additionally, the player's ability to access the kneeboard action is controlled by a variable, which can be changed mid-mission to add/remove access. Again, in initPlayerLocal.sqf or onPlayerRespawn.sqf set a variable on the player:

player setVariable ["MIL_Role","Pilot"];


player setVariable ["MIL_Role","JTAC"];

To Use:

It should be noted that a player with MIL_Role as "Pilot" can only bring up the kneeboard when in an aircraft, whereas a "JTAC" can use it anywhere. The 9-liner includes some descriptions and tooltips to assist with it's use.


- When an editable text box is active and the 9-liner map is open, double-left clicking the mouse on the map will place a marker with the corresponding info on the map (the markers here show up small, but on the standard in-game map are full sized - might get around to fixing it in the future).
- Shift + right clicking the mouse on the map will delete the closest marker to the cursor.

It is recommended to use some form of auto-pilot mod when opening the kneeboard, as ArmA enforces it's own "auto-pilot" when dialogs are opened.


Feedback is welcome. I was never any kind of air controller or a pilot, but managed to put my experience in other areas together with some online references to get this up, so I'm happy to be corrected.





Short demo video on how it works: 



Anyone hear me call it a fire mission? 😂

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Added: ACE3 interaction menu compatibility if a user is running ACE3.

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Very nice! This is super interesting. We definitely need more JTAC-oriented things in Arma. I'd love to get more use out of such things, JTAC has to be one of the funnest and most intriguing roles there are. Cheers and thank you!

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We prepared a JTAC advanced training in pur community, using your addon, among others. 

CAS 9-liner is great!


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