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Zane Moseley

I need help and tips for the story mode of carrier command

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I need help with a certain part of the carrier command story mode does anyone have tips or tricks for me?

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just want some help if people are kind enough.

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First section of the game (before Fulcrum), conquer every island, hack every building complex and every research center (not every island has a RC) to build up your inventory and unlock blueprints. There is no enemy carrier during this section, so there is no time pressure. Use the time to build as many items as you can and send them to the carrier. Keep most of your islands as mining and gradually add a couple of production islands. There is no need for defense islands during this stage.

The enemy carrier will become active after Fulcrum, so before heading there, make sure you have as much supplies as you need. Start the conversion of a few key islands to defense (or all of them if you like). This will boost the defense of any island connected to it, so the enemy will take longer to conquer them. Once you are ready, head to Fulcrum.

After Fulcrum, your focus changes to locating a particular item. My advice is continue conquering each island only once, and hacking the buildings on each one as you go. The enemy carrier will be going around attacking the islands you already conquered. If you go and try to defend your islands, you cannot destroy the enemy carrier at this point, all you can do is chase it away, so you end up wasting a lot of time and fuel chasing it around the map. You also don't make any progress for taking back any islands you lost, so my preferred tactic is to Ignore the enemy carrier and keep focusing on progressing through the remaining islands, one time each. If your stockpile island comes under attack, send as much to the carrier as you can and start moving the stockpile to another island. Once you find the item, you will be ready for the final section of the game.

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