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How do I know if a player is in Land_DeerStand_02_F"?

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Hi all! I am trying to activate an external sqf that spawns animals in a specific radius around a player, but only when that player is up in a specific model of deerstand. Currently, this is w

what I have, but it doesn’t seem to be working. 

here is the file that is ensuring that the system knows the player is “in” the deerstand; Client_util_getNearestHuntingStand:

private["_position", "_huntingStand", "_object"];

_position = _this;

_huntingStand = objNull;

_object = _position nearestObject "Land_DeerStand_02_F";

if !(isNull _object) then


    if ((_object distance _position) < 3) then


        _huntingStand = _object;







and At the top of the spawn animals file, I have this to make the parameters are identified:


if ((vehicle player) call Client_util_getNearestHuntingStand) then....


Does anyone see the issue? Or does this look fine and it must be elsewhere? OR am I SO FAR off that it's not even worth trying to guide me through this ('m okay with that, give it to me straight)?

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