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[Release] EGX_LoadoutPanel System

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EGX LoadoutPanel System

by Enigx


EGX_LoadoutPanel gives the possibility to select loadouts and set radio frequencies using a dedicated panel instead of the classical box placed on map from editor.
It is always available and you don’t need to include it in editor during mission editing. Just modify your loadouts with your needs.





EGX_LoadoutPanel System


Hey, it seems Armaholic has been shut down!!

Alternatively, I added the file to this link which uses a personal external website (completely unrelated to the Arma game).



  • It appears as option in ACE interaction self menu for all players when in respawn position (usually the Blufor Base for example)
  • You can select loadouts and set radio frequencies using the different panel screens
  • You can select special skills from dedicated screen (medic, engineer, explosives specialist)
  • A number of 11 (+ 1 optional for your needs) loadouts can be selected
  • You can set radio frequencies with your values
  • MP compatible


Installation / Usage:
See included README.TXT file for details.
Mission example included in zip archive.


EGX_LoadoutPanel needs the following mod loaded in your mission:
- ACE for the interaction menu:
    * ace
    * CBA_A3


The loadouts, included in the annexed files of the sample mission, have been defined using the RHS USAF mod. Load it to see the sample. 
    * ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces


Of course use your loadouts and/or any mod you want.

For the radio frequencies setting the standard Task Force Radio is needed:
- Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)


For long range radios the mod "ILBE Assault Pack – Rewrite" is suggested.
Anyway classnames of additional radios can be added.


Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to BI Forum and Armaholic Community.


First released version 1.0

Edited by Enigx
New link for downloading
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Hey, how could i make it so the option is not on a player but on an object?

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1) Put this in the init of the object

this addAction ["<t color='#00FF00' size='1.3'>LOADOUT PANEL</t>",{createDialog "home";}];

2) Disabilitate command of ACE menu. Open initPlayerLocal.sqf and comment (//) or remove this line

player call LDP_fnc_addLoadoutPanel;


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