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Personnel Management System

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Hey Everyone,


I have been playing arma for a long time like most of you. I have been into coding for a good amount of time, and I have done something similar to this before in the past (Project SnowBacon).

But I am making a personnel management system, It is a standalone program separate from arma and I need your help to find out what would be the best things to put into it.


The program is based around making it easier for units to manage their users, operations, trainings, etc(I.E Keep track of attendance, make comments of performance, after action reports for operations,etc).


Later on down the road once I have the main points of the program in place I want to have it connect into your arma 3 server to give you personalized reports on each user as added information based on rounds fired and % of which hit the target, etc.


I have a lot of ideas for which direction this can go in and I need your ideas.

Hopefully I get some good one from you guys 🙂


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Based on my knowledge with such systems is that it will most sense when done web-based. Reason is that it will be easier to members to signup and check their own data, while leadership can manage everything included in the application.
To make this easy; simply make a simple mod which tracks members on the server(s) and uses a database connection (Intercept, ExtDB3, etc.) to read/write data. How you handle the data and what you do with the data, is up to you.
The benefit of web-based is that it's also easier to connect to Discord, TeamSpeak and other applications which have API's available.

There are several larger communities which already have a tool like this and some are very successful with it.

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