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I am new to the game and think it's so much fun so please don't take my criticisms the wrong way. I bought the battle pass today and its only my third time playing Vigor. Xoxox


My first issue is that there are only three female characters to choose from verses the six male options. I guess I should be used to this by now being a female gamer in a predominantly male culture. I would have loved to pick a character who is latina like me but I had to settle for the Asian character instead. Can we please get more female characters to choose from? I know it doesn't seem like a lot of girls play but you might be surprised how many there are. 


My other question is, why isn't there a random team fill and where is the game chat for those who are teamed up? I prefer game chat because parties are just unnecessary lag and I like meeting new people through random fill. 


Other than those things and the price of the crowns being steep I am having a blast keep up the good work. ❤️

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LOVING Vigor! But yes I agree with the above Please can we have some more female characters. Maybe some light haired ones too! Re: Chat - might be a nice idea to have a general chat box just for the lobby only - whilst we are waiting - would fill time and be fun for those to say hi to names you begin to recognise / comments about your gear or something fun that happened in the last battle! 🙂


Also perhaps in future: ability to purchase small elements for the shelter (e.g sofa colour/bed upgrade/rug/outdoor pets - chickens + coop / egg collection option) and have someone else able to visit the Shelter - it can get lonely there! 

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