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GM: CSAT North Africa

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DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2388329316


GM: CSAT North Africa is a North African CSAT themed retexture of various Global Mobilization and vanilla assets in order to create a much more fully fleshed out North African CSAT than the one we got in the TacOps DLC.









- Arid Hex retexture of some uniforms
- CSAT pattern applied to a mostly eastern bloc set of vehicles
- Groups and units fully configured from the get go.


- ALIVE for Group and Crate creators

Join us and keep up to date with my mods on the A3 Hub discord @ https://discord.gg/dyXnZ8u

- I am NOT taking requests
- I am NOT accepting suggestions, i dont want to support the mod anymore than i have to
- This mod is dependent on Global Mobilization. Other mods like Apex may be desirable if you dont like adverts but they arent neccessary to play with this mod. 
- You're more than welcome to open my configs and use them for educational purposes
- BISIGN and BIKEY included

Arma Public Licence - Share Alike


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