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Standalone IED Script Like ALIVE

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I am looking for an IED script like alive where the ieds spawn when a player goes into that area. I know there are a few random ied scripts out there but ones the ieds spawn then that's it.

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you can use Phronks' ied script. I did the same in one of my system. It is very good. all credits to Phronks


Script is configured to be launched at mission start by the ini.sqf execution. You can avoid it and launch by triggers. I did the same for one of my system.


1) place the marker area from editor where create ieds and name it (ex. "SpawnIED")

2) place Phronks' ied.sqf script in mission folder

3) place a trigger area and match exactly the area "SpawnIED". Set trigger condition "blufor present" or whatever you want, and in OnActivation digit the string (not the comments of course):

[["SpawnIED" , 10 , true, false],  "ied.sqf"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_execVM",2]; 

// the execution is on server (in reality not needed if you activate by trigger). but leave as it is 
// SpawnIED: name of marker area (be careful it must include roads!) 
// 10: number of desired ied // true: the IED can be detonated with weapons. false if not 
// false: do not show location of IEDs on the map. true if yes

Of course change it with your parameters


4) open ied.sqf script and modify begining part as 

// input from calling trigger
_iedMkr1 = _this select 0;
_iedNum1 = _this select 1;
_iedDmg1 = _this select 2;
_Dbug1 = _this select 3;

// redefine inputs as global as requested by ied script
iedMkr = _iedMkr1;    //List of markers to spawn IEDs in
iedNum= _iedNum1;    //Number of IEDs per marker, defined in iedMkr    [Default: 5]
iedDmg= _iedDmg1;    //Can the IED be killed with weapons?            [Default: false] TRUE = Yes | FALSE = Can only be disarmed
Dbug = _Dbug1;        //Show IED markers on map?                        [Default: false]    

if(!Dbug)then{{_x setMarkerAlpha 0;}forEach iedMkr;};

That's all.

If you want more ied areas you just repeat steps 1) and 3) with the new inputs.

Sorry, not tested in this mode because in my system I can select, when I'm in game, the area directly clicking on map. So it is quite different from above. Anyway it should work. Test it


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