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[Release] EGX Players Transport system

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EGX Players Transport system

by Enigx



The system orders the transport of players from a Base Point to clickable point on the map by means of air or ground vehicles.
Useful to transport players from the respawn area to operational area for their re-insertion.




EGX_PlayersTransport system


Hey, it seems Armaholic has been shut down!! 
Alternatively, I added the file to this link which uses a personal external website (completely unrelated to the Arma game).



  • Just place a Base point marker during mission editing and the system does the rest
  • Graphical interface window for options selection
  • You can call transport vehicle whenever and as many times as you want
  • Different air and ground vehicles can be selected
  • You can select vehicle route clicking on intermediate points on map
  • Automatic procedure to identify safe landing position for copters
  • Multiple transport calls
  • No need to place vehicle from editor. It is spawned and deleted at each call
  • Activation by ACE self interaction menu for authorized players only or for everyone
  • SP/MP compatible


Installation / Usage:
Detailed steps and information in initEGX_PlrsTransp.sqf file.
Mission example included in zip archive.


It needs the following mods loaded in your mission:
- ACE for the interaction menu
- RHS USAF for the definition of some type vehicles. Otherwise, if not loaded, you can use the vanilla vehicle from graphical window.

  • ace
  • ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces
  • CBA_A3


Credits & Thanks:
Sceptre for sharing his Custom Dialog System (CDS)
Thanks to Armaholic Community.


First official version 1.0

Edited by Enigx
New link for downloading
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