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Solved: Need Help Adding Physics to a Custom Object

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Title says it all. I'm trying to add proper physics to my object, and I have no idea where to start. I have been picking apart a config dump and trying things like adding

simulation = "ThingX";

to my config, to no avail.

I believe the problem is that the object is a Simple Object when it shouldn't be, since the object returns a zero when I try to add an action to it. If this is the case, I have no idea how to fix it as I have not intentionally programmed it to be a simple object. Any help here would be appreciated.
Would this be something I need to fix in the Object Builder, an issue with the config, or what?

Config.cpp below.


class CfgPatches


    class Endarz_Cards


        name = "Cards!";

        author = "Endarz";

        url = "https://steamcommunity.com/id/endarz";

        units[] = {};

        weapons[] = {};

        requiredVersion = 0.1;

        requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Data_F", "A3_Functions_F"};



class CfgVehicles


    class ThingX;

    class card: ThingX


        scope = 2;

        model = "cards\objects\card.p3d";

        hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"};

        hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"cards\data\card_template_co.paa"};

        editorSubcategory = "EdSubcat_Sports";

        displayName = "Card (Ace of Spades)";

        icon = "iconObject_2x1";

        editorPreview = "cards\data\card_editor_ca.paa";

        simulation = "ThingX";





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UPDATE: Solved my own problem! Had to educate myself on LODs in the Object Builder. Also had to tweak my config.cpp, but now my object works as intended.

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