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Evan Oktavianus

Recommendations on missions like Liberation that focuses on capturing objective and setting up defensive perimeters

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Hi, I am in love with Liberation especially on the building defensive perimeters aspects. However, we can only build defensive buildings near FoB and the FoB rarely got attacked. Are there any missions for coop or pvp that combines both capturing objectives and setting up defensive perimeters especially in preparing for counterattack.

A good reference maybe the Squad game which allows us to build FOBs and setup defensive perimeters. However we would like to play it with friends vs AI instead of pure pvp in Squad which makes the game quite daunting for beginners like us.

In addition, I also like sandstorm insurgency but its lack of building aspects make the game feel too arcady.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Cheers

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The closest i've found is crCTI Kastenbier missions and crCTI Proman mod .. easy to build up defenses in towns you conquer and if it's a main town it will get attacked frequently.  Works great with AI / Coop.

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Im craving for dynamic and replayable CTI-likes as Liberation, so out of my brain

Mike Force (AI will definatly overrun you if you dont build FOBs)




Dynamic Bulwarks (hehe, to an extend)


I gather such stuff in a collection for a few years so there might be a few more



If anybody else has some of those missions not yet mentioned let us know, please.


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