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Group: United Task Force (UNITAF)


Branch: Flexible Schedule / Attendance - MILSIM just without the Yes Sir no Sir.


Availability: Join on operations as often or as little as you like, including reserve roles if you want to join but aren't sure you'll make it.


Language: English


Time Zone: Central Europe (but we have plenty of people from the Americas and Pacific and wouldn't say no to more)


Our Arma-integrated Website: United task force


Discord: discord


Operation Times: CEST/GMT/UTC - Flexible schedule (attend by choice from 1 to 20 ops a month) using our dynamic ORBAT deployment application.


Operation Type: COOP (from 5-man Special Operations missions to 40-men+ beach assault we have it all)


Mods: ACE / TFAR / RHS (Full list: mods)


Roles available for:- Marksmen- Snipers- Leadership- Fixed Wing pilot- Rotary pilot and gunner- Tank crew- Autorifleman- Anti-tank/anti-air- Everything, seriously, any role is a potential option.


Other Information: United Task Force is a one-of-a-kind session based cooperative MILSIM experience for the Arma series. A unique blend of realism, solid teamwork, just without the yes-sir-no-sir.


Our Website: United task force

FAQs and more information about UNITAF on the website.

- 24/7 Public Server - Just search for UNITAF in the public server list.

- Private session based MILSIM operations.

- Numerous training sessions so you can become an expert in whatever roles you choose.

- Our one-of-a-kind game integrated MILSIM website application.

- Full of cool and friendly people from across the world.

- Powerful and well maintained servers to reduce frame-drops and keep the game as immersive as possible.


Email adress: hq@unitedtaskforce.net


Website features: /- Order of Battle: Deploying on our missions looks something like this which makes it super easy to keep track of what team you're in and what your radio frequency is etc

 ORBAT Snapshot


/- Operations Order [OPORD] are written in full for all official operations. To add immersion and let you know exactly what you should be doing on operation. OPORD Snapshots377is1geyb61.jpg?width=1759&format=pjpgeavdj5rgeyb61.jpg?width=1783&format=pjpgdexh8stheyb61.jpg?width=1732&format=pjpgiz0dg1aheyb61.png?width=1920&format=png&

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