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ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

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2 hours ago, kin00 said:

Where can I find the Phalanx CIWS weapon in arma 3?


wrong section  
under the "turrets" in editor

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Hello everyone!

I'm Hoping someone on here might be able to help me, I've looked on armaholic, steam workshop and here but I cannot find anything that make the AL-6 a surrport drone.


I know that using ACE it has an inventory and by interacting with it you can add/remove items, but what I am thinking is that box underneath if you could detach it and maybe put a strobe or IR light on it when this happens  it can be found and interacted with?


Here's the scenario, a squad on the ground requests supplies, the drone operator (back at base with his AL-6) puts the item(s) in a box and flies his drone over to the box and picks it up. Then he flies to the squads marker and drops the box, radios the squad and infoms them of the drop and flies the donr back to base.


I know this can be done with helicopters slingloading supply boxes but helis prove a large target and can be shot down and modern armies are already testing/using this method.


Is there a mod out there that does this, is it even possible to make this?


TIA everyone for your help!


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I was re-watching Mad Max Road Warrior and in one scene, one of the survivors dropped a snake on the enemy gangs.


So can someone make a mod where the player can throw a snake at the AI or another player that is poisonous? Model exists already... Can use the medikit as a cure or hunt down another snake to create anti-venom? 


I think this would be cool for Ravage. A snake trap would be awesome.

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I have a very simple request.


I'm a fan of the following mod:



and would like to ask if there is anyone who can possibly replace the stock of the first cqbr (with full triangle front sight) to an FDE/TAN CTR/MOE?

Mainly for personal use and not to be redistributed. I'd do it myself but I just don't know where to start.



Many thanks



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I had a look for a wrecker/recovery vehicle to use but couldn't find one, really think it'd make for some more interesting missions.


the US army/Marine Corps currently employ 2 wreckers of which the base vehicles already exist so I'm hoping creating this new vehicle wouldn't be a massive deal to make depending on the complexity.


The newer vehicle is designated the M984 or MKR15, its basically a modified HEMTT



The older vehicle is based on the MTVR chassis designated the MK36 I think?



Would it be possible for someone to make one (or possibly both) of these?

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Arx160 rifle with different calibers like 5.56×45mm NATO and 7.62×39mm,different barrel lenghts,magwell support so you can use it with different mags,compability with Rhs grips would be so lovely also.

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[MOD REQUEST]  Re-center weapon on Freelook release

  • Let's say I'm walking North.
  • Then I hold "Free Look" and look East.
  • I spot a enemy.
  • Upon releasing "Free Look" my torso turns and my weapon aim centers on screen (default behaviour is camera re-center on weapon aim)

The speed of the re-centering should be almost as fast as aiming down sights.


I'm used to this behavior from 3rd person camera games like Breakpoint where the camera turns 360 but he character instantly aims where the camera is facing upon pressing the aim button.

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Mod Request = ROBOTS character pack like this:




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Posted (edited)

Hi  Guys,  I am author of the mod Realistic_Driving_Terrains.  

I made this mod. And the steam workshop now showing error , I can't upload my mode anymore.
I want to upload my mod to the forum. But HOw?  Now I found that I can't even pots new topic in this forum. Can only reply under other's post . 

Below is description of my mod.

This addon is to make driving in Arma more realistic to give players new driving experience.
(Due to network error, steam workshop upload time out error. Update postponed. Already contact steam and BI support team. Will try to solve asap @2021-3-17 09:58 UTC+8 )
V2.11+ Introduction:

First of all:
I added "test mode" switch in the addon option. And made a test scenario.
Trun on the switch , surface type and vehicle inclination angle will be shown on screen per 1 second.
I suggest to turn on this switch when first time running the addon, then drive in vanilla maps to build a preliminary understanding of BI's default surface types in maps.
To be noticed, different maps may have individual names of surfaces. That's why we need compat packages.
After that, Set up VRsurface bump param and VRsurface wheel/damage param in addon option.
Then open scenario and find the test scenario. (named Realistic_Driving_Terrains VR), try the test map.

1. Steep Slope effect function:
A script will check vehicle's tilt angle vertical per second and will be triggered when the angle is over a certain degree to make vehicle hard to control.
Trigger angle is 25 degree by default. ( Trigger inclination angle changealbe in addon option)
25 degrees is based on many vehicle materials that I have read in reality.
If tilt angle vertical over 25, the mass of vehicle will be 3.5 times by its original mass . (this value changeable in addon option)
If tilt angle vertical lower than 25 degree, the effect will cancel automatically.
Vehicles will be hard to control on steep slope, and fall off the extremely steep slope and cliff, with this function.

2. Friction of surfaces tweaked.
All surfaces' friction parameters of original game has been tweaked.
Roads‘ friction are closer to reality.
Vehicles' brake distance on roads are similar to reality now.
Wild surfaces's are tweaked to be less frictional, harder to control while off road driving.
(Due to limit of scripting skill, I still can't make this friction value be changeable through addon option.)

3. Center of mass tweak function (default off, you can turn on this function in addon option)
After vehicle is initiated,a certain value will be added to vehicle center of mass on Z axis.(this value changeable in addon option)
Make vehicle harder or easier to flip over while intensive driving by change center of mass.

4. Off road bump function
This function adds a force in a controllable random range to the Z axis of car chassis repeatedly.
It is triggered whenever you are driving off road above the trigger speed. (default trigger speed is 10km/h, changeable in addon option.)
Magnitude of the force is in a controllable randomly range. (coefficient changeable in addon options)
Magnitude of the force is related to different surface type (surface relating coefficient changeable in addon options)
Same as in reality, wheeled vehicles bumps more than Tracked vehicles. (implemented by script)
Also the more wheels your car have and the longer you car wheelbase is, the less bumpy your car will be. (implemented by script)

5. Track and wheels damage while over speed off road driving
This function checks the off road speed of your vehicle and damage the tires/tracks when off road driving over the trigger speed.
Default off road damage trigger speed is 55km/h. (changeable in addon option)
Damage level coefficient is changeable in addon option.
Different surface type damage coefficient is changeable in addon option.

6. G force (acceleration) exceeding damage
A sript check the vehicle acceleration per 0.33 second and damage the engine if acceleration is over a certain value.
Default trigger acceleration is 14.7 m/s^2 from any dimensions (changeable in addon option)
14.7 m/s^2 is basing on IIHS and C-NCAP car crash test video. You can easily find some to watch on internet.
Damage coefficient changeable in addon option.
Be aware , very rough and sharp turning at high speed on high-friction surfaces will also cause acceleration exceeding.
If you want a explanation, just regarding this as damage to the vehicle suspension part .
Or you can turn the value higher in addon option to make it less sensitive.

7. AI driver speed limit function
This function makes AI drivers drive below a certain speed (55km/h default, changeable in addon option) while off road driving.
This is to make AI drivers drive do not trigger damage, bump or both, depending on the AI driver speed limit, the bump trigger speed and the damage trigger speed that you set up in addon option.

8.Vehicle #terraincoef parameter tweaked.
The #terraincoef parameter of some vehicles are tweaked.
This is to decrease unrealistic super off road mobility of some vehicles.

Edited by misc.yn

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hey, i'm not new to arma but absolutely new to the forums so i'm probably putting this on the wrong board, but could i get some tips and ideas for a mod i'm working up on hypothetical, modern day, 2nd american civil war factions? i dont mean to spark any political discussion, would just love some pointouts to mods with character customization that might help! (with permission to make a faction mod with their stuff granted, of course)

hope i didnt screw up formatting this post, sorry if so

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So in basic is there a Plague doctor mask mod out there?

I haven't been able to find one

If not

Can somebody point me in the right direction to learn how to make my own or if somebody is willing to make one that would be awesome 


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I don't know if this is the good thread but i am searching a mod who separate cup armies theaters in separate faction (ex: instead of usmc faction => men woodland; men desert there would be and usmc woodland faction and an usmc desert, etc....


It would be useful for playing scenario who pick groups in modded factions for dont' have a patchwork of units in same army. 


I know there is the mod "cfp" who do this but it don't do it for all cup factions and also add so much factions.


Thank you. 



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We were playing some long hardcore escape on Outkast's servers and I thought of the need for this mod:


Combo FFV and Open Vehicle doors mod so players can:


ride in a vehicle with a door

open the door without getting out (maybe just animate the leg closes to the door, extended out,  pushing the door open)

and enable the ability to SHOOT while it is still moving, still in your seat.


Maybe optional seat belt function if we crash to prevent players from flying out.


Example at 4:10 seconds mark:



Explosions, decapitations, etc... should be left to other mods


We were sitting ducks while in a closed door vehicle and getting shot at. We only had 2 options.. Keep driving or stop, get out and shoot back. A 3rd option would have been nice while going down in a blaze of glory! 😄



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