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21st Nova Corps

Bacara's finest!
The 21st Nova Corps Galactic Marines are a brand new unit looking to open its doors to the stars community. We are a semi-serious unit with a more laid back atmosphere but maintain the seriousness needed to get the job done. Our main priority is to make sure you, the player, are having fun with the homies scrapping clankers.

Short legion background and unit info!
The 21st Nova Corps are an elite clone legion lead by CC-1138 “Bacara” who specialized in fighting in hazardous conditions and were renown for being relentless in battle. While we will strive to follow lore as best we can we’re willing to deviate from lore to some extent to keep things fresh for the player base and allow our members to do the things they want to do. We also will be adding in tiny elements from the modern US Marine Corps (squad structure, SOF style, etc). Since hazardous environments aren't really a thing in Arma we will be primarily taking on a shock trooper role as the galactic marines are legendary for their relentlessness in battle.

What are we looking for?
Players who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere but are still willing to be serious when needed. If you're someone looking to have a good time with the boys, we want you in our community.

Why join the 21st Nova Corps?
-No required BCT
-Dual uniting allowed! (Some limitations, inquire within)
-Plentiful room for advancement (planned detachments, server staff, etc)
-Command staff that will put you having fun as their top priority
-A chill, welcoming community

-Own a legal copy of Arma 3
-Be willing to use TeamSpeak and our mod list
-Be 18 years of age (somewhat flexible, inquire in our discord to see if we’re the right unit for you)

If interested, join our discord below to get your enlistment process started!

~CSS-1138 “Trapper”

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