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Odd controller input limit bug?

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I've been now for a few months having an issue with my x-56 joystick (no throttle ie. dual setup).  All my inputs are not being, in effect, pushed fully for a input/control direction.  Here is the kicker... in the controller setup screen while 'show'ing the input values all controls are showing a input of 0 thru 100 so the issue isnt on the controller or how Arma 3 is sourcing the input values.


Likely at this point one might be asking.  Okay well whats the problem then?  Here is the issue.  in the game itself even though the controller and the game sees full movement and input its not applying them to the vehicle..  How do I know this?   Simple example take off in a Neophron full flaps and throttle take off via controller is 210+ and far much longer runway distance then doing the exact same takeoff but using the keyboard or mouse to pull back on the stick.  There other examples but basically its very obvious that even though the game in the setup config screen is seeing proper inputs they are not being applied fully either.


Has anyone else experienced this?

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