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Powershell Arma 3 Steam Workshop Content Downloader

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I run Arma 3 servers casually for my friends and I to play on. For the longest time I have been using an old Command Prompt Batch script to download and install Workshop content. Though the batch script works, it's tedious to use and modify.


I have created a Powershell script to provide the same functionality, but be a lot easier to add / remove MOD's from it.




  • Simple list of mods containing MOD Name, Workshop ID, and a true/false option for downloading
  • Can add/remove/modify the list without updating any other parts of the script
  • Creates a Symlink for the MOD's from the Workshop download location to the Server's folder (requires Powershell to be run as administrator)
  • Automatically finds and copies the .bikey file from the MOD's folder to the server's "keys" folder
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I just realized now that the github repository was set to private. I've opened it up and made it public now. The script should be visible now using the link in the OP.

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