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Marshal. Alex

Publisher doesn't want to lunch due an error

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Hey guys lately when i try to lunch the publisher it does this error: 


Application settings are corrupted and will be reseted.

then there is a "OK" Button but when i click it nothing happens and when i try to lunch it again.
just does the same thing, tried to re-install arma 3 tools, tried to delete the publisher and install again, tried to open it from all sides (steam, and directional files)

also i tried in arma 3 tools to run system diagnostics but nothing came back, just like its empty which my friend said it was fine.
i hope anyone of you can help me fix the issue, because my steam workshop item is now froze and un-updateble.

did anyone else had this issue?, i will be grateful is somebody can replay and knows how to fix the issue.

Thanks, D. Brodna.

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